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Members' Misc. Pictures
Has anyone tried 13 per square?

4/22/2017, 8:55 am by Robbomb116

As I know some people have successfully done 5 per square for plant spacing with some crops, I was wondering if anyone had tried planting 13 per square?  My thought was basically if you drew a "tic-tac-toe" kind of grid in the square, you could plant in the center of each small square created and at the intersections.  

I was thinking about trying this for beets, as I can't decide if I want to …

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Comments: 3


4/22/2017, 11:35 am by newbeone

Swallowtails-1 Dill-0, That's OK I'm Rooting for the Butterflies. My Dill plant is covered with them

Comments: 3

Mel's Mix shows it is worth its weight in gold

4/22/2017, 4:06 pm by TNGeezer

Nashville has been blessed with abundant liquid sunshine the last 48 hours.  Our rain gauge for the last two days is pushing 5 inches.

Our yard is a muddy mess and held water all morning and early afternoon.  Our drainage ditches are full to the brim and beginning to flood into the side of the street.

Our old garden with the original square foot methods of 12 inches of highly improved soil is …

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Comments: 0

First of the Season

4/22/2017, 12:07 pm by newbeone

Just went out back to play with the dog, We're having a cool windy day here it's only 65* well the ball went into the garden so I went to retrieve it and found these on the ground. It's my first year growing ground cherries so I don't know if there fully ripe yet. I have three plants loaded with fruit

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Comments: 2

What's in the bottom of your raised bed?

4/20/2017, 4:43 pm by RC3291

What is on the bottom of your raised bed? I have heard of leaving it open to the bare ground, placing a layer of cardboard or landscape fabric to block weed/grass, double digging under the bed and even solid bottoms. Reason I'm asking is I am planning to move mine to a spot that gets more direct sunlight when my cold season crops come out and am curious what everyone else does.

Comments: 16

Spinach gone wild

4/18/2017, 1:31 pm by RC3291

Sorry for another newbie question. A couple of my spinach plants have started branching out. I have been harvesting lower leaves to eat off all spinach plants. This one in particular has almost half a square to itself and has started to grow branches and is much bigger than most of it's neighbors. Is it trying to tell me something like harvest me or should I just let it grow?

it's rained a …

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Comments: 6

How Many Squares 2017

4/16/2017, 11:46 pm by mschaef

I know that we had a thread going for this but I have posted in it several times and wanted to see who has the most squares going for this year. So I decided to start a new on.

I have 30 squares to play with this year unless all me start survive than hubby promised me he will make me another box. How about you?

Comments: 8

Easy way to get Mel's Mix in a raised bed

4/19/2017, 10:11 am by TNGeezer

I am sure this is not original, and this may have been posted before in the same or similar manner, but here is how I easily filled our last 4x4 raised bed.

1. Gathered the peat moss, vermiculite (and perlite), and our compost.  I wheelbarrowed the compost to within a foot of the bed, and had the other bags immediately adjacent.

2. Opened the bags of peat, vermiculite, and perlite wide enough …

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Comments: 3

On the disabled list for now

4/17/2017, 12:58 am by TNGeezer

Too much raking and turning of compost piles, and this old geezer is on the shelf for awhile.  My shoulder spasms returned with a vengeance, and there will be no gardening for me for at least a week.

It is soooooo aggravating.

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