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» Plans for 2017 revisited
by Judy McConnell 6/26/2017, 1:48 pm

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by countrynaturals 6/26/2017, 1:13 pm

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by hammock gal 6/26/2017, 12:15 pm

Members' Misc. Pictures
Red plastic tomato trays, anyone?

6/26/2017, 4:48 pm by hammock gal

I'm just wondering if anyone out there uses those things, the red plastic trays that go around the stem of the tomato plant, and do you feel they make a difference, are they worth it? I did a search here, but didn't find anything. Maybe I'm not calling them by the right name. This is what I mean.

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Cinnamon, Fungus, and Gnats

6/22/2017, 8:24 am by Fiz

Hello everyone, summer is officially here!

I had a question regarding using cinnamon on soil that is growing veggies. I've got a steadily increasing fungus gnat issue in my raised bed with the above normal rain and heat the past couple of months. I have been reading that ground cinnamon is a good funguside the that will destroy the gnats' food supply, but I am curious if sprinkling it on the …

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Things You Never Knew Existed Until SFG...

6/27/2017, 9:55 pm by Scorpio Rising

Garlic scapes

Ground Cherries

Trellising cukes--works.

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TrolleyDriver's Compost Thermometer

10/2/2016, 12:31 am by trolleydriver

@trolleydriver wrote:
@landarch wrote:... Here's an interesting DIY digital compost thermometer for cheap...


Thanks Landarch for the link to that DIY compost thermometer.

I have ordered 3 digital refrigerator thermometers from a seller on Ebay. The total cost is around $5 Canadian with free shipping from Hong Kong. Downside is uncertain delivery time ... …

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Hail Damage (Pics) - Am I in Trouble?

6/26/2017, 7:48 pm by Fiz

Well, after a string of thunderstorms the last couple of weeks and numerous watches and warnings, it finally happened. While I was at work, a hail storm attacked my garden and wreaked havoc on my plants. pale Fortunately, no damage to the tomato plants or fruit. Whew!

As I look at the damage, I wonder how bad it is and whether I need to do to anything to make sure I avoid any lasting effects …

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Comments: 5

Plans for 2017 revisited

6/26/2017, 12:17 pm by Judy McConnell

Can't find the original topic where I listed proposed changes in my garden for this year, so will repeat some things.
The things that I had hoped to change:
1) using new "soil" - disease free
2) controlling disease in tomatoes
3) mulch EVERYthing

Can't remember the rest but:
All new MM in tomato containers with mulch (leaf chips) added - no sign of tomato diseases in those containers - plants …

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What won't you grow next year or are still trying to grow??

8/25/2016, 12:58 pm by Judy McConnell

My big "won't try again" are Rutgers tomatoes - they diseased early and produced few fruit.  They were pulled this am and the MM will go into a flower box.

Radishes and beets (I'm guessing because of the weird weather) did nothing - will try them again in early Sept.   Too late to re-try pole beans - don't know what happened there.  But, next year - look out!!

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Questions on vegetable plants that require vertical support

6/25/2017, 10:16 am by dosstx

 Second time doing a SFG and had some questions:

  1. How do I know which plants require vertical support? A few years ago I tried out SFG and while it was a success, a lot of my vegetables sprawled along the ground outside the box. Am I supposed to use some kind of vertical support ? 

  2. Can I place a 1x4 box next to a chain link fence and then use the fence as a vertical support system …

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6/28/2016, 3:02 pm by Bart

Hi Folks,

I don't seem to know how to water the garden. With Mel's Mix is it true that you can not over water? I ask because I seem to not be watering enough, so I figure I'll err in the direction of watering too much. At least then my poor suffering plants will get the water that they need. How can I tell when it's too dry?


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