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Garden Clean-Up/Preparation

12/10/2017, 1:03 pm by brianj555

After clearing out and cleaning up the bed, do you turn, fluff, stir or otherwise re-mix the MM?  It seems like I have read a little about leaving it alone and then also read about people who re-mix it up because the vermiculite has a tendency to sink to the bottom.  What do you do?

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Spring Fever Anyone?

1/21/2017, 12:11 pm by newbeone

Got a bad case of spring fever yesterday! With the new beds toped off with mel's mix, the grid's in place the temperature in the mid 70 F. Just couldn't stand it any longer I went out and started planting. I transplanted onions then planted carrots lettuce and radishes Today I feel a little better.

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Tomato Questions

6/12/2017, 5:45 pm by shargets healthy

Hi everyone,
I'm new and not sure if I am posting this in the right spot. 

1.  I would like to know how to go about using Epsom salts for my tomatoes.  Do I put the Epsom salts right in the dirt or do I mix it with water and if so what ratio?

2.  Would it be alright to plant nasturtiums at the base of my tomatoes.  I know that nasturtiums can attract aphids.  Not sure if that is a good …

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New Composter - Need Help Filling Correctly

11/28/2017, 2:15 pm by saganco

I have some composting questions for you experienced gardeners.  I found the following for the “how to” for loading my new JORA JK125 (33 gallon) insulated tumbling composter (when it gets here).  Here’s what I have available and want to know (detailed please) instructions on how best to mix up what I have available - as well as what to NOT use!  These instructions don’t seem to “do …

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Comments: 42

Mushroom in my lettuce!

7/12/2010, 8:23 am by littlesapphire

So I went out to my garden this morning, and what do you think I saw? A huge white mushroom growing up between my lettuce plants. It wasn't there yesterday, but today it's about three inches tall and two inches across.

I'll admit that I keep the soil really moist for the lettuce, because I put it (without thinking) into a really sunny spot in the yard. But I didn't think keeping the soil …

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Today's Harvest

6/24/2017, 3:36 pm by sanderson

I know some of you have great harvests so I thought I would start this thread.  Here's my little harvest today, the 6th day of over 100*F.  I never would have thought I could get overwhelmed with Muncher cucumbers!  There are still 6 in the refrig.  The 2 at the top of the photo have deformatives.

In this heat, these could have been …

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Comments: 188

Sowing Experiment! Anyone Tried This?

9/25/2017, 6:09 pm by brianj555

I scooped out almost all the coffee grounds out of a used kurig pod, filled it with MM and dropped in a couple tomato seeds.  I just moisted the top and put it in about a half inch of water inside a plastic cup. Once the pod is used their is a small hole in the bottom already.  Not sure if it will work and I doubt very seriously if it does that I'll be able to actually grow the plant, but I …

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Comments: 40

New SFG box-Humanitarian way

12/3/2017, 1:01 pm by Roseinarosecity

I'm going to start a new SFG box but I want to try the humanitarian way, as described on page 187 of the ANSFG book, with straight compost.  I'm interested to know if anyone has done it this way and what has been your experience.

My box was built yesterday in a location that used to be my leaf compost location, but because I cut down my 30 foot, 30 plus year old avocado tree, I now get too much …

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Rookie Topic: Heirlooms vs. Hybrids

8/17/2012, 1:18 pm by cheyannarach

When you are a rookie shopping for seeds and you start noticing heirloom, hybrid, open pollinated, it can all be overwhelming and confusing. Which one do I choose? Did I pick the right one? Well what you choose all depends on your personal opinion and what's right for you in your gardening conditions. I am going to break down some of the differences of heirlooms, hybrids, and open pollinated …

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