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HELP! I'm new!

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HELP! I'm new!

Post  lturner on 1/29/2012, 7:30 pm

Hello all! I am new (truly green!) to gardening, so SFG appeals to me! I have read the book and watched ALOT of youtube videos. I live in beautiful East TN (AKA God's country) and am curious what varieties grow well here. I plan on growing: corn, tomatoes, cukes (both for eating and pickling), squash, zucchini. I have ordered many seed magazines, but it it very overwhelming when you are new! Also, I have noticed some of the SFG are deeper than the original plans in the book. Is that for future growth of carrots, potatoes, etc? If so, before I build, would it be better to start out with taller boxes?I will appreciate any help! I am very enthusiastic about my garden! bounce bounce YAY!

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  littlesapphire on 1/29/2012, 7:36 pm

I don't live in your area and can't help you pick the right varieties, but I wanted to say WELCOME! You've come to the right place for help, and you picked the right gardening method for a newbie! I only did two (very bad) years of row gardening before I found the SFG method, but that was long enough for me to swear off row gardening forever. Good luck with your new garden!

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  camprn on 1/29/2012, 7:55 pm

Hi there and to the SFG Forum!! and welcome to the world of gardening. it is going to be such a yummy adventure. I suggest you contact your local county Coop Extension Service for advice on what grows well in your region.
University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture <~~~click


41 years a gardener and going strong with SFG.

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  staf74 on 1/29/2012, 8:10 pm

LTurner !!!!

Looks like you are in our region. Great to see another convert ... LOL ! Its a real simple process once you get a season under your belt. The learning curve is small if you stick to the book. Don't feel too overwhelmed, when you look at varieties in your catalogs, simply err towards those that are more heat and drought resistant to get through our hot summers. All those yummy summer veggies you mentioned do very well in the SFG and I have done all but corn to great effect. Not that corn does not work, I just have not tried it yet.

My beds are all 12 inches and exactly the reason for which you stated; longer root crops. Remember though that means more $$$ for mels mix, larger wood and extra compost to refill them each season. Perhaps just mix your construction between larger and smaller (6inch) beds to accomodate both. Remember, you basically get two beds for the cost of one 12 inch bed by going with what Mel recommends. That means more veggies Very Happy.

You've posted already in our region, so i'm guessing you've checked out the "sticky" topics at the top. That will help plan your year around the frost dates amongst other things. Pls let me know if I can help in any way. I have some videos posted there also to help you visualize a garden although many members here from everywhere have some awesome garden pics for you to peruse and TOTALLY steal their ideas.

No copyright here Very Happy

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  ashort on 1/29/2012, 8:50 pm

Welcome aboard!!! Grab a cup of coffee or tea, kick back and surf the forums a bit. Don't be afraid to ask question, we learn from every question that is asked!

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  sfg4uKim on 1/30/2012, 7:47 am

Welcome lturner!

I like that you've read the book and watched videos about SFG. You're already WAY ahead.



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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  RoOsTeR on 1/30/2012, 8:50 am

Welcome aboard lTurner! This site is jam packed full of information based on Square Foot Gardening and our members and staff are some of the most knowledgeable around on the method, eager to help and answer any questions you may have! Very Happy


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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  plantoid on 1/30/2012, 9:41 am

Welcome to the site.

re :- The extra deep root crops .
Going true , " All New Square Foot Gardening " ( ANSFG ) style you make bottomless 12x 12 frames which have 6 to 9 inch side walls and stand them on the 6 inch deep bed , then plant in the raised frame according to the planting suggestions .
Try this link for bit more info on them .

It's easier on the finances as you only need an extra cubic foot of Mels mix , whereas it has already been said .... you would have to pay for another seven cubic feet of Mel's Mix ( MM) to fill a deeper 12 inch bed.

Once your up and running with ANSFG it's easy enough to increase the depth of the bed by adding a top frame as & when you can afford it.
You may have by that time been able to build up your own home made large stock of the five way compost .
So you should be able to use that & just vermiculite as a mixed in ( with the original bed fill of MM ) bed filler rather than having to make up a virgin bed mix again .Which would be cheaper still and just as effective.

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  lturner on 2/3/2012, 4:40 pm

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will post some pics this spring and summer as I begin my SFG journey!

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  shannon1 on 2/4/2012, 2:51 am

I don't know a thing about corn, but I have grown toms, peppers, onions, beans,collards, kale,and a bunch of other vegies in a TT SFG that is only 6" deep with great success. My I say

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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post  walshevak on 2/4/2012, 9:53 am

shannon1 wrote:I don't know a thing about corn, but I have grown toms, peppers, onions, beans,collards, kale,and a bunch of other vegies in a TT SFG that is only 6" deep with great success. My I say

Add squash, chard, mustard greens, turnip greens and snap peas to that list. Squash can trellis or hang over the side.



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Re: HELP! I'm new!

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