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Greetings... and Question

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Greetings... and Question

Post  nicman on 1/30/2012, 9:58 pm

Hi, everyone. I bought a little book called "Success with All New Square Foot Gardening"... and just bought the materials to build my first 4x4 box. I'll be building it this coming weekend, can't wait. My question is about the soil mix... the book states that I should add a trowel full of compost to a square, after harvesting. Is that all you add? What about the vermiculite and peat moss? Do these not decompose after some period of time?



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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  sfg4uKim on 1/30/2012, 10:29 pm

Hi nicman and to the Forum.

Nope you only have to add the compost. If peat & vermiculite DO decompose, they do so at such a slow rate that it's negligible. Of course you add the compost to replenish the nutrients.

I had never heard of Success with All New Square Foot Gardening (by Ferry Morse) before.

WOW! After looking for that book, I also found an All New Square Foot Gardening to the Rescue: Food Security for Everyone.

LOL how did I not know about these?


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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  madnicmom on 1/30/2012, 10:47 pm

Hello and Welcome nicman. yes, after the soil is made, just add one trowel of compost to liven it up!


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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  Furbalsmom on 1/30/2012, 11:13 pm


We are very glad to have you join us. This is a great group of people and we enjoy discussing our SFGs and helping each other out.

I believe that Success with All New Square Foot Gardening may be an abreviated version of Mel Bartholomew's book ALL NEW SQUARE FOOT GARDENING.

The ANSFG has 272 pages. You might want to see if your local libray has the 2006 edition of ANSFG and review it and determine if you want to purchase the full version of the book.

If I may suggest a bit of reading here in the forum, MEL'S MIX << CLICK this may help your create the best growing medium ever. Personally, I had to go to several merchants in order to get a good variety of compost types.

We also have a data base of Vermiculite Sources VERMICULITE << CLICK , just be sure to select the button marked U.S.D.B. Some of us found locating the vermiculite to be a bit of a trial. If you don't find any listed near you, check AquaPonics stores. In my area, they had it on hand and it was less expensive than other local sources.

Again, Welcome and we look forward to hearing of your progress.


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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  shannon1 on 1/31/2012, 5:36 am

welcome Nicman, another to remember is if it is not your own home made compost it should be a trowel of a mix of 5 composts.


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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  plantoid on 1/31/2012, 3:47 pm

Hi Nicman ,
Enjoy making your beds up and growing things you like .

There's far more to Mel Bartholomew's latest book than first meets the eye .
I've read it four times since November 20011 & I swear he keeps adding a bit more by osmosis for each time I pick it up there is another bit of information that wasn't there before.


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Re: Greetings... and Question

Post  Sponsored content

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