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When to start brussel sprouts

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When to start brussel sprouts

Post  Kate888 on Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 20:55

I plan to plant a couple of brussel sprouts and as I'm looking online for
information about when to start the seeds indoors, some things indicate
I would be better off just doing it later and planning for a fall
crop. I'm in zone 5b. Those of you who have successfully grown brussel
sprouts what would you suggest is the best option? The seeds I picked up today are catskill variety and say 90 days to harvest.

If I start them now I'm guessing they'd be ready early June. (Average temps here are about 65 - 75 degrees in June). I don't know how long they produce, though. If I start later for fall, when do I start?



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Re: When to start brussel sprouts

Post  Windsor.Parker on Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 21:31

Hi Kate,
I'm trying brussels sprouts for the first time, too! Catskill too!
Here's a pic...

They were sprouted about 3 weeks ago. Think I'll be potting them up early next week.


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Re: When to start brussel sprouts

Post  quiltbea on Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 21:37

I, also in 5b, have learned that starting cole crops in the garden in the summer and having them grow and mature in the cool of fall, works well in my area. Sometimes the spring temps lately can skyrocket to the 90s and I lose many of my cole crops. That happened last spring. I ended up with only 2 broccoli and 1 cauliflower out of several and those that survived weren't the best. The heat killed all the others.

My first Broccoli harvested on 6/13 last year.

One lone broccoli left 6/20 last year. We got temps in 90s a few weeks previously.

And my lone Violet Queen cauliflower was really pitiful on the same date. These 3 were my entire harvest for spring after losing most to the heat.

I'll try again this spring (started broccoli and cabbage seeds inside today and plan to start cauliflower 3/3 and Brussels sprouts 3/31) but I'll be ready to start seeds outdoors in the summer for a fall crop should they pretty much fail again. Luckily in zone 5b we can get two seasons of the cole crops, both spring and fall.

So consider a fall crop. The seeds germinate well in the warm soil and then grow healthy and strong in the cool of the coming fall temps. Most can take a light frost.


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Re: When to start brussel sprouts

Post  CindiLou on Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 22:26

I started my broccoli and brussel sprouts today...last year I put them in way to late..only has a little broccoli and sprouts didnt sprout...year before was earlier so made a note to make sure and start them now


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Re: When to start brussel sprouts

Post  Sponsored content Today at 1:09

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