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Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs

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Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs

Post  FarmerValerie on Sun 4 Mar - 8:09

Okay, someone wanted my body scrub recipe, so I started a new thread so it was easier to find. I'll also include the link to the lemon hand scrub.


Something to keep in mind is your ratio of sugar/salt to oil is 2:1, or for every 2 cups sugar or salt (or combo) 1 cup oil.

This is the recipe I use for my body scrubs.
3 C Brown sugar
2 C White Sugar
1 C Salt
1C Sunflower Oil
1/2 C Olive Oil
1/4 C Castor Oil
1/4 C Almond Oil

Then I remove 2 cups, put it in a glass bowl or glass measuring cup, and add essential oils, about 10-20 drops total (so if I am combining say honeysuckle and jasmine I would do 5-10 of each). You will want to use glass or stainless steel bowls and regular spoon,s as plastic and wood absorb you oils. If you want pumpkin spice scent add 2 Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice seasoning per 2 pints (I like mine a bit stronger with some sandalwood and myrrh thrown in).

I picked up some really cool half pint wide mouth jars at Wal Mart, there were 4 in the box for just under $4. Those would be great for the by the sink scrub.

Okay, thats it, you can half the recipe if you don't want that much, or play with it to suit you, but these make GREAT gifts so keep that in mind for all your gardener friends too. Oh and you can just use white sugar and salt like the hand scrub on the link, I just like the brown sugar scrub, but you can half this recipe and use just regular sugar and salt, or fourth it and make a salt scrub.

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Re: Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs

Post  Ha-v-v on Mon 5 Mar - 9:21

I am so glad you posted this Smile I am looking to get the ingredients while I'm waiting to get my tires changed today. Along with buying the tulle I need. My hands are a mess, I am going to bed with Burts Bee hand salve and socks Smile LOLOLOLOLOL New dish soap is on the horizon too, I just haven't researched that. So many pokers in the fire, have I not learned my lesson not to add things to the fire? Because life is gonna add its own pokers, that's where I am at today, tossing out pokers, hope no one gets burned. affraid Laughing

I figured making something nice for my hands will cheer me up. Definitely going with a citrus scent, lemon is high on my list. My hands are in soap and water even more now with the planting and soil being mixed. I have brand new gloves waiting to be used and I cant stop touching the soil. I will have to learn its okay to wear gloves and touch the soil once to check it.

So here I am getting the list to buy the ingredients Smile
Thanks for sharing Smile

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Re: Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs

Post  FarmerValerie on Sun 18 Mar - 10:13

I too have trouble not getting my hands in the dirt, but I learned last year that tetanus can live in the soil for decades. I cannot have a tetanus shot, I'm allergic to it, so I have to be extremely careful when dealing with rusty tin, nails, dirt, and even getting splinters. I have to run inside, rinse with peroxide, alcohol, and sometimes put some salt on it, or if it's a foot, soak in salt water for a bit. I wore my gloves more than ever last year. I'm looking for a good pair of leather gloves, preferably goatskin, for working in the yard, especially cleaning the chicken coup.....

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Age : 51
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Re: Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs

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