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ready to go.....

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ready to go.....

Post  new2this on 3/5/2010, 8:29 am

Well, I'm ready to jump into SFG, but unfortunately the weather is not. I live in SE Minn and we're still under 8 feet of snow! Ok, not 8', more like 18" everywhere I look. Lots of snow this year, which makes me very nervous. Maybe not a good year to start this? Ah well.

In the meantime I could get those boxes built and find the mixture ingredients - haven't done that yet. It's the one thing I can control since already I am at the mercy of the Mother Nature and her mood swings.


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  Theresa on 3/5/2010, 8:41 am

Hi new2this!

Welcome to the SFG forum!

Planning your SFG and getting what you can ready is a good way to pass the time till the snow melts! Good luck with your SFG and be sure to keep us updated and take pictures to share with us!


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  happyfrog on 3/5/2010, 9:16 am

welcome to the boards!!

and yes, this is a GREAT year to start sfg!

since you still have lots of snow (and i empathize! - i ahd to shovel a couple feet of snow off my boxes yesterday, lol - but i'm odd and didn't want to wait any longer, *grin*)

i would suggest going around to local stores and seeing what's for sale. and making a list of your 10 favorite veg/fruit to eat. plan on buying tomato plants and pepper plants.

stuff like lettuce, carrots, red beets, radishes, nasturtiums (it's a flower that tastes like a radish!), etc are easy to grow from seed.

last year i didn't get my boxes built til mid may. and i still had lots of time to grow lots and lots and lots of veg.

start small. don't do more than 3 4x4 boxes - no matter how enthusiastic you get! i found that was a good size for me to manage and not be overwhelming at all. and i still had to purchase some produce/fruit from store but not as much. (we're a family of 5) this year i'm doubling that space and will do so once the ground melts inteh back - it's about 2 feet deep there now with snow.

the future years will be even easier for you - all i had to do was get access to the ground that i had my boxes in and they're ready to go! no tilling nothing! just pulled a couple of little weeds that sprouted and added more compost scoops to each square - just because i watned to, *grin* and they were done for prep - took seconds to plant peas!

srue did yammer on.

so long story short, not too late or early to start. start when you can get to the ground to lay your boxes on top. Smile you'll be glad you're doing this - esp when you're eating broccoli fresh off the plant and pulling out fresh carrots from the ground and snapping off green beans and picking a fresh tomato and eating it right there in the garden all fresh and warm. . .ooh it's just so good!!

my youngest kid - about 13months old at the time learned to pick carrots and eat broccoli right off the plant - she wasn't strong enough to break off the florets so she'd lean over and bite off the floret. cutest thing ever - never could get a pic she did it too fast. . . but that's another vote for organic growing. i didn't have to worry she'd get hurt with a poison on the plants.


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  mckr3441 on 3/7/2010, 10:21 pm

Welcome to the Forums. You have read Mel's book, haven't you? If not, that will help fill the time until the snow goes. I know what it's like to have to wait for snow melt! We still have 5' piles in our yard and my boxes are just now starting to peek out from under the drifts.

Mother nature will be good to you so don't fret about starting your garden in a year like this. You just never know how great the summer will feel after a winter like this.

Keep us all posted on your progress and be sure to ask questions. We all learn from each other on this site.

Again, welcome.


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Perfect timing

Post  SirTravers on 3/7/2010, 11:32 pm

Well we don't have the snow, but here in the oilpatch it's the windy/dust storm season. I'm in your shoes as it's a good time to build a few boxes and start hunting up the materials for the soil mix. I've noticed garden centers sometimes have their compost and peat at a small discount this time of year to encourage customers to come in. the vermiculite you can often find at feed stores, farmers co ops, and such. Most of the big box stores will give you a blank stare if you ask for it.


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  new2this on 3/9/2010, 9:02 am

Wow - thank you all for the welcome. Yes, I've bought Mel's book and I"ve done some planning as well. We took a family poll and it seems we're all in agreement as to what to plant. I can't wait for my kids to experience this.

I will ask many questions, and it looks like I'll get many good answers/hints/tips and advice here.

Thank you all.


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  mckr3441 on 3/9/2010, 9:23 am

We'll be waiting for progress reports.


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Re: ready to go.....

Post  Sponsored content Today at 1:13 pm

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