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Fruit besides straw/blue berries

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Fruit besides straw/blue berries

Post  navajas on Mon 19 Mar 2012 - 13:09

I have five 4x8 raised beds. I'd love to add sweet fruit to my planned harvest of other foods. My youngest son loves strawberries and I plan to devote up to 16 feet to them this year, but I've also purchased two each Top Hat blueberries and plan on a couple North Country. I was happy with that plan until I went to the local nursery and saw a host of other fruit options. Anything I grow basically must be in my garden behind my 8' fence because of deer. To that end I'm considering dedicating an entire 4x8 to just fruit bushes / vines / small trees: Plants that go up more than out and bear fruit.

I'd like to know if anyone has experience with any of the following in a square foot setting:

Gooseberry: Red George?
Sea Berry: Golden Sweet or Leikora
Korean Bush Cherry
Honey Berry: Moon, Forest, Pacific, Velvet
Elderberry: Korsor, Goldbeere
Goji: Crimson Star
Hardy Kiwi: Early Cordifolia, Hardy Red, Kolomitka

As I said, I'd like plants that are either narrow and tall or can be trained / pruned to be so healthily. I was thinking of maybe building an arbor over the box to suit if that would help.

The above is what is available, but if someone knows a great plant I could order it. I'd just much rather support local business and not pay exorbitant online prices for half dead plants.

Thanks much for your help!

EDIT: Removed Akebia from above list. Too much work / too little food.


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Re: Fruit besides straw/blue berries

Post  navajas on Mon 19 Mar 2012 - 18:55

EDIT 2: (Sorry, can't edit above.) Forgot melons. Yes I am attempting to trellis some melons. Still primarily interested in the above though since I'm really *meh* on melons.


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Re: Fruit besides straw/blue berries

Post  AvaDGardner on Mon 19 Mar 2012 - 21:45

All I know is strawberries like drier conditions and blueberry are bog plants (wet conditions).

Keep us posted!


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Re: Fruit besides straw/blue berries

Post  Sponsored content Today at 0:49

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