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April in the Lower South (really is it April?)

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April in the Lower South (really is it April?)

Post  Ha-v-v on 4/2/2012, 8:22 am

I cannot believe it is April already!!! Where has the time flown? It seems it was just December and I had just put up a hoop house. I had to move out of it a week ago it was so hot I couldn't stand it. I do plan on using it again soon though for seeds I plan on planting. I still have things I havent got to yet :-D Like the melons, the loufah gourds and the swan gourds ekkkk and the corn for the chickens. I feel behind yet over loaded with peppers and tomatoes. I will have lots to share with the neighbors thats for sure.
I do have celery I potted up. Cilantro and Culantro plants. Cilantro from seeds, and the Culantro a new herb for me does smell like cilantro but looks weedy lolol. I have now an orange, choco and sweet mint to add to my apple mint. Seriously thinking about giving it a place in the ground somewhere to grow wild. I have the space, we will see Im still mulling it over.

Potatoes, I have a million I think lolol 6 2x8 beds 12 inches high, 3 2x4 beds 12 inches high, and 3 2x2 boxes that are going up higher with some longer season potatoes.

Needless to say I have bitten off more than I can chew for a little while. I will be done with most of the potatoes topping off today. The long beds will be done and just have to wait for the reds to get big sometime in July. I have a few other varieties yukon, german butterball, ozette fingerling and purple majesty in the 2x2 boxes. In the other shorter boxes I have reds and cracked butterball.

I had to put up a 10x10 awning yesterday. I was sick of sitting in my cool corner to rest and the caterpillars falling on me Smile I had planned last year to have a "natural viney" awning over my head until the snake dropped out of the tree next to me Smile LOLOL So now that we have had this mild mild mild no winter Im sure the bugs are going to increase. More carpenter bees already, more June bugs, what is next? So glad I have my awning to sit under and not think about bugs too Smile

Oh and the latest, cleaning out the pool we have a million tadpoles!! We drained it last season, but not but 2 inches left and they grew so well! We have put in two baby pools with them in it and feeding them gold fish food (we have done this in the past and they all left home) Since we were feeding them gold fish already and want "ponds" we bought gold fish to put in the ponds too. They will take care of the mosquitoes when the tadpoles are gone. I also have duckweed coming to put in these ponds, it is a feed we are going to use for the chickens. At 30-50% protein and 40 percent of their diet I hope it works Smile Of course the 40 percent of their diet is in the future. Just trying to get to the organic life, one step at a time. :-D Veggies first though. I have 40 yards of netting from Hobby Lobby now to put on the beds. I was able to use a 40% coupon for that purchase thank goodness.

I did buy a lot of asparagus crowns from stores here, we will see if they survive. I have to build their bed today. I plan to use cedar this time because it is a bed I will need for a long time. The dog eared fencing works perfect they are 1x6x6 and they smell pretty when they are in the suburban :-D LOL. I may be making a 2x12 bed though because I can plant other things along the fence where it will go Smile It is all up in the air until I get down there and look at the spot they will go in.

I do feel like Janis up there in the comic for sure! Why I do not know I do this to myself LOL I square foot garden it is so nice and easy. I have visions of beds upon beds I guess! I cannot imagine not using MM now, it is the best potting soil, the best everything. I was able to finally get 5 finished composts, I have a trash can full of the finished blend for just potting soil right now. I need to order the compost in yards, one guy delivers one I drive a bit for that but worth it totally.

Anyway, I have too many pokers in the fire and I am scattered in the mind at the moment. Husband going to work for months at a time, this time he leaves we are not sure of the length of stay on the job, it is a 3 week job out of the country. It could be a week at a time or 5 weeks who knows. Jeff has been home since Friday and started work on the house again yesterday. Trying to finish the floor to walk on while finishing the walls. Should be finished with the walls by the time he leaves for Slovenia. Long summer after this job :-D He will have time off until Sept. (we think)

Come and share your happenings :-D I will get pics I do have them, I just have too many pokers in the fire. I just have to get rid of a few pokers .. I do have a facebook page I comment on more than anywhere, it is called Denise's Victory Garden.

It is definitely spring !!! Yea !!!


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Re: April in the Lower South (really is it April?)

Post  cheyannarach on 5/2/2012, 10:34 am

Wow Denise, you have bitten off a lot, lol! Everything sounds amazing I will have to go check out your facebook page!! Have fun!

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