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Need some help analyzing the compost I purchased…

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Need some help analyzing the compost I purchased…

Post  dougneiner on 4/15/2012, 5:24 pm

I have read the book, and a number of forum posts, and am left to analyze the compost I have. I spent most of the day yesterday driving around trying to get everything I need, and I currently have this:

1. Vermiculite
2. Peat Moss
3. 3 (maybe 4) kinds of Compost

Its the compost I need help identifying.

The types I have currently:

1. 100% Organic Composted Manure (The bag says its from cows)
2. Composted Cotton Burrs
3. Yard Waste Compost (Got this free, and have a massive pile in my yard waiting to be used - its not in the picture below)
4. Scotts Humus and Manure (It doesn't say if its horse or cow)

The question I have, is does #4 count as a fourth type, or is it just more of #1. The second concern, is that #4 mentions peat on the bag, but it feels *really* solid - like I'd expect composted manure to feel.

Here is a picture of all the bags:

And the ingredients section from #4 (Scots Humus and Manure)

Two more things:
1) I can get composted horse manure, but is that just too much manure, or would it replace #4 because I know its not cow?
2) Does anyone in southern/western Iowa know where I can get a 5th type (or 4th and 5th type) - I could drive into Des Moines today if needed to round out the mix!

I can't wait to build these beds, but I want to get the mix correct!

(P.S. Sorry for the brain dump - any help is appreciated!)


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Re: Need some help analyzing the compost I purchased…

Post  dougneiner on 4/15/2012, 5:49 pm

Also… just found a store that sells Chickity Doo Doo, so I'll probably use that as well (Hope to drive up an get that tomorrow -- too bad its an hour away). That seems to be a common one people are using in their mixes on the forum.


Male Posts : 15
Join date : 2012-04-12
Age : 33
Location : Western Iowa, USA

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