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Cabbage & Broccoli

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Cabbage & Broccoli

Post  wncsohn on 6/12/2012, 12:15 pm

Central Arkansas (we've been struggling with lack of rain in my specific area) and the temps have been pretty high. I've been trying to keep things watered (and seem to be doing okay). Some of my things were looking pretty sad for a while, but then, after a healthy heapin dose of cotton seed meal and bone meal, things are really going with a gusto. Except my potatos, but that's another thread.

I guess I was wondering ... it's so late in the season and all ... is it too late for my broccoli & cabbage to produce anything?

To start with .. they didn't grow much at all when first planted. It took me a few weeks to a month to see any progress in them at all. Now that they're getting bigger, I'm worried that it may be too hot for them already.

Should I let them try or should I just pull them and plant something else?


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Re: Cabbage & Broccoli

Post  rowena___. on 6/12/2012, 2:32 pm

if you have room, there is no harm letting them continue to see what will happen.

FWIW, i did leave a few brassicas in my gardens but i pulled most of them and transplanted them into a bucket. i have moved the bucket around a few places in the yard until i found a place that made them happy. they are still growing but i don't expect them to produce much if anything, until fall. i'm hoping that if they make it till then they will continue where they left off, essentially giving me a headstart on the season.


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Re: Cabbage & Broccoli

Post  wncsohn on 6/13/2012, 9:38 am

Thanks for the response Rowena.

I think I might try re-potting the cabbages. They are still fairly small and I don't really think they're going to produce anything. The broccoli is fairly "large" so I think I might hold off on doing anything to those in hopes that I might get something.

On the brighter side, the tom's are finally growing like mad. And my beans starts are doing well. With any luck I'll get a little "something" from the garden this year.

The weather has just been sooo wierd! If I hadn't been so nervous about a late frost I probably would have started things sooner. *sighs* Ah well. This is my first "true" SFG and gardening is a learning experience. Just glad that the economy hasn't collapsed (yet) or we'd be up the creek!


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Re: Cabbage & Broccoli

Post  quiltbea on 6/13/2012, 10:24 am

Broccoli can be small and perfect one day and a few days later the yellow buds are starting to sprout all over the head. Its a fine line with broccoli. Pick them when the heads are small and compact and all green. Even 3" heads are better than none. Then you'll get more sprouts around the plant you can also harvest several days later. They just can't take the heat.


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Re: Cabbage & Broccoli

Post  wncsohn on 6/13/2012, 1:00 pm

Hmmm... then perhaps they won't produce anything (the broccoli). It's regularly been in the 90's (mid to upper) for the past month or so, with just a few cool days thrown in to keep everything off kilter. The plants are big, but they haven't put out any actual broccoli yet.

Ugh, just so not sure what to do! LOL


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Brassicas in hot summer

Post  jazzymom on 6/13/2012, 4:08 pm

I had the same problem for several years in a row...not starting early enough, not transplanting early enough, I did let them grow (slowly) last summer when my garden was at ground level. In September they finally produced very little -- cauliflower not at all -- Brussels Sprouts a lot into December! This year I was late starting again, because I was busy mixing and building my raised boxes. I have no brassicas, except a couple cabbages a friend gave me....which are looking terrible in this heat. SC has been in the high 80s and mid 90s since late April. Lots of rain. As you can see! I like the suggestion of bucketing and moving around for a cool enough spot for them to thrive. They sure don't in the full sun in southern summers.


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Re: Cabbage & Broccoli

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