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I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

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I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

Post  quiltbea on 1/3/2013, 1:15 pm

I had a bad time with diseases and wilts in 2012, probably from neglect while I was ill, but to prevent that happening this year, I'm on the hunt for some Hybrid/F1 seeds to add to my garden this year.
Do you have Hybrids or F1's you can swap?
I have some open-pollinated/heirloom and organic tomato and pepper seeds to swap:
Peppers, Sweet:
Banana, Org OP, 55D Yel, 75D red. Long fruit. Plant up to 2 ft tall.
Doe Hill, Org OP, 60D Yel, 80D Red, Great for frying, tapered fruits.
Gourmet, Org OP, 58D Grn, 75D Orange, Big bells. Long yield.

Tomatoes, Determinates:
Early Cherry, Org OP, 55D, Very prolific, red cherry, robust flavor.
Matt's Wild Cherry, Org OP, 60D, Small red cherry, great fwild flavor.
Moskvich, (semi-deter from Russia) Org OP, 60D, Sweet slicer, small red.
San Marzano Nano, Org OP, 65-70D, Deep-red plums on bushy plants, Heavy crops. Great for sauces and slicers both.
Siberskiy Sokorospely (from Siberia), Org OP, 68D, Red Med-fruits. Very good flavor. Plants 2.5 to 3.5 ft tall.
Sophie's Choice, Org OP, 55D, Quite large fruits on a 2-ft tall short plant. Orange-red exterior, deep red interior. Flavorful slicer.

Tomatoes, Indeterminates:
Carol's Beefsteak, Org Heirloom, 85D, Large, meaty, tasty, passed down from family for generations.
DeBarao, Org Heirloom, 75D, Med to dk red plum, delicious, prolific.
Gilbertie Paste, Org Heirloom. 85D, Long fruit, rich flavor, sauces.
Harvest Luck, Org Heirloom, 50-60D, Bright red tiny cluster-type.
Millefleur, Org Heirloom 60D, cluster-type yellow cherry, tasty, prolific.
San Marzano Gigante 3, Org OP, 90 days, paste, 7" long red.
Sausage Org OP, 75D, Meaty, very prolific, sauces, tasty red.
Sugar Cherry, Org OP, 75D, large currant-type, red clusters, very prolific all season long.
Valencia, Org Heirloom, 76D, True orange, great flavor, round.
Yellow Centiflor, Org OP, 65-75D, Yellow cluster cherry, very tasty.

I'm looking for all types of veggies, not just peppers and tomatoes.
If you have any Hybrids or F1's you'd like to swap, please PM me by clicking on the little icon with the PM on the left beneath my avatar and list what you have so we can get a dialogue going.

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Re: I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

Post  bwaynef on 1/3/2013, 1:54 pm

Do you have any hot peppers or other veggie/herb seeds? I'll have to look at what hybrid seeds I have, ...mostly tomato (that I think I posted here that's fairly up to date).

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Re: I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

Post  jillintx on 1/4/2013, 1:14 pm

I sent you a pm.

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Re: I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

Post  quiltbea on 1/4/2013, 1:49 pm

bwayne....I have a few Yellow Cayenne peppers. Send me a PM.

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Age : 75
Location : Southwestern Maine Zone 5A

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Re: I need hybrid/F1 seeds this year.

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