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Crop Rotation

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Crop Rotation

Post  Rustic Patriot on 1/20/2013, 6:04 pm

After struggling with soil viruses and terrible nemetodes, I had covered my garden in plastic for 6 months. With that behind me, now I've just built 2 4 x 6 foot boxes and filled them with Mels mix with the intention of using the square foot method. I've ordered the book but it hasn't arrived yet.
My question is how can I avoid repeating my past soil problems. One thing I do plan is start my own seeds, never again to buy plants from stores which is where I believe my issues started.
Should I rotate my crops from box to box? I'm starting with 2 boxes but have space for at least 2 more once I get going. My location gets full sun all day but is quite breezy.

Rustic Patriot

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Re: Crop Rotation

Post  bnoles on 1/20/2013, 8:22 pm

According to Mel, if you follow his teachings to the letter, crop rotation is not critical. It will pretty much take care of itself, especially if you grow more than one crop per square per year. Be sure to read your book before getting too far along so you will understand the full process.


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Re: Crop Rotation

Post  yolos on 1/20/2013, 9:02 pm

If you have soil born diseases, then you better rotate. If you do not have soil born diseases then it is not as necessary. But if you do not rotate then make sure you remove all plant debris from the bed to get rid of any diseases that may be on the vegitation. I always rotate some crops. Every book I read except Mel says to rotate certain crops such as Tomatoes and broccoli and potatoes because of diseases. I never rotate lettuce, corn, field peas because they never seem to get diseases.

If it were not for diseases, I do not think you would have to rotate because of putting the 5 way compost in the square each time you replant. But here in the south we get all kinds of diseases because of the heat and humidity.


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Re: Crop Rotation

Post  Sponsored content Today at 11:28 pm

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