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Succession plnting question

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Succession plnting question

Post  Andrea13 on 3/1/2013, 8:34 pm

Hello Everybody and Happy March Smile

I'm hoping you can share some of your wonderful wisdom and experience on the subject of succession planting.

I'm hoping to plant lettuce, peas, carrots, etc. in succession - about two weeks apart. My question is (let's use peas for example): If the "planting dates" only give me about a 2 week window to direct sow, then how do I plan for several overlapping crops, in hopes of a continual harvest? How can I space out 4 different series of pea plantings, if the window only gives me roughly 2 weeks. Or does this only work well with certain veggies?

Am I missing something?

Lettuce seems to have a wider range, so that one is a little easier to figure out.

Thanks for any advice! Very Happy

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Re: Succession plnting question

Post  Unmutual on 3/2/2013, 10:04 am

I can only go from my own experience:

I grow snow peas only, and they will not produce all their peas at a single time(I assume all peas do this since beans do too). Therefor, if I want a succession harvest, I need to plant multiple Oregon sugar snap seeds. If you plant them all at the same time, you can harvest a handful per plant while it's still growing more. With leafy greens, I do it the same way by harvesting 1-2 leaves per lettuce instead of harvesting the entire plant(it will grow more leaves). Even with broccoli you can get a second harvest(albeit smaller) if you leave the plant in the ground after you cut off the first head.

So what I'm doing isn't really succession planting as much as it's succession harvesting. Certain veggies don't do well with succession harvesting because the food part doesn't store well on the plant(solanacaea and cucurbitacaea come to mind). Though if you only plant 2 sweet cherry 100's, then that may be just right for yield per day for your situation.

Carrots, on the other hand, lend themselves well to succession planting, at least for my area(storing them in the ground usually leads to them going to seed). If you only have a 2 week window, then don't separate the plantings by 2 weeks, try for 1 week. Worse case scenario is that you share the excess with neighbors/family or you have biomass for the compost pile. Having too much is rarely a problem when you have friends, family or neighbors.


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