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Hello from the Heartland!

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Hello from the Heartland!

Post  teainateapot on 3/19/2013, 1:24 am

My name is Anita and I am a returnee to square-foot gardening. I was very successful with it while a single mom raising two children. When I moved in to take care of my ailing father, I found that he was a die-hard straight row gardener, so that is what we did. When I married my sweet husband, I found another die-hard straight row gardener! Now he has Parkinson's disease, but he still wants to garden. Ah-ha! My chance to return to square foot gardening by using the elevated boxes for the handicapped! I am so excited to get back to it this year. We have our box built, but we have had some fierce snows which have slowed our progress in getting started.

Other than enjoying gardening, I am a quilter, seamstress, knitter, spinner, weaver and basket maker. For the past two years, I have had to put my interests on hold while we have watched my husband's disease take its toll on his body. Each time we think we are on a plateau, he takes a turn for the worse. I am praying that it will soon be controlled by the medications so that I might have time to do some of the things that I enjoy so very much. Whatever else happens, we are going to thoroughly enjoy sharing SFG this year!

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  czechens on 3/19/2013, 10:34 am

Hello, TnT! I'm probably about ten miles due east of you in Cleveland, MO--right across the state line--always a Kansan at heart. Physical constraints (although not nearly as serious as yours--just horrible knees - My prayers for you both and for all who are searching for a cure for Parkinson's)...physical constraints have urged me to tall-box SFG gardening as well, but this is my first year to try it. Talk about a steep learning curve! In addition to my dusty old copy of the original Mel book, which I have re-read intensely, I find this forum a wealth of great information to address any question whatsoever. The fellow gardeners here are always so encouraging and generous.
I took advantage of our one decent day last week to get my grids set up and a few seeds in. Looks like we're in for some more snow the next several days. Gotta love the Midwest!
I share several of your interests--quilting, sewing, knitting. Basket-weaving sounds quite intriguing. If I ever retire....

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  quiltbea on 3/19/2013, 11:19 am

Tea.....Welcome to the Forum and back to SFG. I'm sure it will work better for you both with beds raised high.
I'm also a quilter, knitter, and crocheter which keeps me busy in the off months from gardeneing. I've always wanted to try spinning and weaving and thought about trying basket weaving but didn't follow thru.
Like you, I'm having snow issues late in the season so can't get out in my garden yet but the seeds are apoppin' indoors. At least another foot of snow expected today.
Let us know how the tall beds are working for you this season.
Good luck.

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  Kate888 on 3/19/2013, 12:44 pm

Welcome! I'm in Indiana, but I was in Olathe once. My son lived there briefly while going to school and I was there for his graduation. He really liked it there.

We haven't had much snow, but I am eager for the temps to get high enough to get out and get the beds ready. I'm not going to spend much time out there when it's still in the 20s-30s. This is my second year of SFG.

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  ksnogas on 3/19/2013, 12:52 pm

Hello Tea...just a couple miles north in Lenexa. If it would quit snowing I might want to get into the garden. It's snowing AGAIN....

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  cheyannarach on 3/19/2013, 12:54 pm

glad you\'re here to the forum!! Glad you found us! I hope your table tops are a great success for the two of you!

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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  walshevak on 3/19/2013, 11:53 pm

My bad knees and I love my tabletops.



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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

Post  FamilyGardening on 3/20/2013, 3:18 am

glad you\'re here back to SFG Tea
glad to have you on the forum!

We find peace in our gardens, a place of well being
As our six year old son in going thru a journey of his own with his health…..

We are working hard in our gardens to provide healthy food to nourish our son’s body but also to find joy and happiness that surrounds us when we are out together as a family working with living plants, busy bees, hard working worms and happy butterflies

…..he loves it…we love it….

what started out as a goal to provide food.....turned out to be so much more…..

I wish that for you and your husband….when you are out in the garden….your worries leave you for awhile and the two of you find warmth and comfort while bringing life to your garden……


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Re: Hello from the Heartland!

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