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My garden 2013

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My garden 2013

Post  CarolinaGirl on 4/16/2013, 1:32 pm

Been absent around here since I didn't manage to get fall plants in except some soybeans and green beans. I got my butt in gear slightly earlier this year and got the garden cleaned up and mostly planted.
Small Bed #1
I actually built a proper trellis for the snap peas this year. This bed also has atlas carrots that run along the extra space in the snap pea squares. Spinach, lettuce and 2 broccoli (the small one I planted from seed and one transplant)

Small Bed#2
3 Cherry tomato plants: 1 Sun Sugar and 2 Sweet 100's. Basil at the front. Along the front edge of this box are volunteer marigolds.... I will pick off dead flowers this year!! The round pot to the right is a zucchini, bush variety.

Big bed
There are sunflowers planted along the very back. Pickling cucumbers at the slanted trellis base and lettuce and nantes carrots in the topper box under the trellis. Three broccoli transplants, two mini sweet baby bell peppers at the front and a yellow squash (bush type) in the bottom right corner. More atlas carrots and radishes also have been planted in the bed.

The green Rubbermaid box is gold russet potatoes.


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Re: My garden 2013

Post  cheyannarach on 4/16/2013, 1:55 pm

Looking good! I am a little jealous my garden is covered in snow lots o

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Re: My garden 2013

Post  CarolinaGirl on 5/8/2013, 11:14 am

Well, no broccoli for me this year. The heads were just starting to form on all four and something has come along and eaten ALL of them! Didn't touch anything else and I can't find any tracks in the garden. My first though was squirrels though. I guess I'll try again in the fall and put protection over them!!
All the cherry tomatoes have babies on them, the first snap peas are also coming in. Picked two pink beauty radishes yesterday, a little early but they looked great. I've also got flowers on my two mini sweet bell pepper plants. Will post photos this afternoon.

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Re: My garden 2013

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