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Help! Now I'm worried!

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Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  Bayou Life on 4/20/2010, 9:16 pm

Well, everything was going good. All of my plants were nice and healthy, and the majority of the first set of blossoms on my tomatoes set fruit. Then all this within the last couple of days. Some of the second sets of bud clusters on my tomatoes have turned black and just fell off of the vine, most while they were still small. The blossoms that have opened since this problem started have just fallen with no fruit set.

Below are pics of leaves from a tomato, cucumber, bean, and corn. Anyone recognize these symptoms. I've done some research and as far as I can tell it could be anthracnose, early blight, or leaf spot. If it's any of these, then would it wreak havoc on upcoming buds/blossoms like it is doing? Or am I having multiple problems?

All of the pictures below are from four different boxes, and I didn't take any of my peppers, which are seperate from the rest, because they look like a total loss, as well as a canteloupe. I think my eggplants are on the fence, I probably won't know for a couple of days. That complete box might be a total loss.

I sprayed neem today, because apparently it is fungal, but I am really worried about losing my whole crop. Not to mention that I'm about to pull my neighbor over the fence if he tells me I planted too close again (I would love nothing more than to prove that guy wrong!).

Tomato leaf. I tried getting a pic of the stem but couldn't get it close enough. I have some of these same markings, as well as some small black specks. This one is a sweet 100 cherry tomato, but these marks on every single tomato plant in my garden, in three seperate boxes.

Cucumber: two seperate boxes, it's on every plant.

Corn: Hasn't affected the whole box yet.

Beans: Two seperate boxes, all plants.

Bayou Life

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Re: Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  choksaw on 4/20/2010, 10:05 pm

looks a little bit similar to what im seeing on my plants but yours are much farther along in growth then mine i dont know wahts causing it either im thinking i might have been a little off when i mixed my neem oil with the water and it burned the plants

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Re: Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  Bayou Life on 4/20/2010, 10:30 pm

Today is the first I've sprayed anything, besides busting up some aphids that I found last week. We've had quite a bit of dew here recently, and some fog. Yesterday was our first rain in a month, and it routed through those few corn plants since. I visited the LSUag center website to try to identify some of these problems, hence my list above. I'm hoping that my garden is salvageable. My stomach has been flipping since yesterday, mostly because it's too late to start over (except for the corn). I was chomping at the bit today at work, waiting for a chance to get to Lowe's and pick up more neem concentrate.
Bayou Life

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Re: Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  Toastie on 4/20/2010, 10:39 pm

I am having the same thing on my cucumbers that came from a friends house
So far it is only on those 4 cucumbers, which do appear to be doing very well
Keep us posted on what you find out and how to get rid of it


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Re:Help!Now I'm worried!

Post  Jola on 4/20/2010, 11:01 pm

It looks like Anthracnose. When I read about your problems and than looked at the pictures, my first thought was: what is that stuff on the top of the soil? Isn't that a cause of disease? If you have that mulch in all boxes it's possible.
Anthracnose is caused by a fungus, as you know, which overwinters in seeds and plant debris, so it is possible that you introduced it to your garden from mulch - probably depending on what kind of mulch you have and from what source. Disease is spread by animals, people, tools, or splashing water. Since it sounds that your problem is serious, I would suggest using chemical control.
Fungicide containing chlorothalonil should be applied every 7 days, or more frequently in humid, warm weather. Of course all badly affected plants should be destroyed.
Good luck!

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Post  Bayou Life on 4/21/2010, 12:34 pm

Jola, that's exactly what I was considering in being the culprit. This isn't the first time I used this mulch, so I didn't think I would have problems. I'm pulling it off later today in an attempt to recover. I'm wondering now if it might be constricting the air flow in my soil, hence the problems with the blossoms and buds that I'm having.

One box with peppers, eggplants, basil and canteloupe seems to be affected the worse. The basil and one canteloupe seem not be affected at all,,,,,yet. The others seem to be just beginning, but I have pruned alot of the affected leaves before I sprayed with neem.

I contacted the LSUag center with these pics and they think the corn might be bacterial, so I have to send a sample. This morning I finally got in touch with my parish agent, so I should be getting to the bottom of it soon (hopefully) since he's closer to me than Baton Rouge. After the dose of neem yesterday, the tomatoes, cukes and beans seem to be a little more vibrant. The "spots" that were on the remaining foliage seem to not be spreading. I should be able to tell more towards the end of the today and tomorrow.
Bayou Life

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Healing up

Post  Bayou Life on 4/24/2010, 8:41 am

I sent my pics to the parish extension agent. He confirmed it was fungi, and not bacterial or viral. He gave me a list of chemical fungicides and insecticides. Since I had already sprayed everything down with neem oil, I figured I could wait on the chemicals out of fear of burning everything up. Here's some new pics after the treatment with neem oil. On the beans you could see the affected lower leaves, but it is not spreading anymore, as those spots are the same size as they were when I sprayed the oil.

On the tomatoes, I had to prune all of the lower branches, because every single leaf was infected.

And the cukes are looking greener than ever.

Bayou Life

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Age : 43
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Re: Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  aspiegardner on 4/29/2010, 7:58 am

We could have used this info last year. We had this on a number of plants but only used the mel's mix in the boxes.

Hoping for a better year and will know what to use if it happens again.


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Re: Help! Now I'm worried!

Post  Sponsored content

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