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Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

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Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

Post  ETNRedClay on 5/7/2013, 8:10 pm

I am LOVING my first-ever SFG. I love every minute of building and planting and maintaining. But the first year's plan was more like: Which bed is ready and what starts do I have this week, let's see if you will grow? Since we've had over a foot of rain in the last 30 days and it rained three times today alone, I'm spending a lot of time today trying to come up with a PLAN for the fall and next year.

I'm having trouble getting away from the ROWs mentaiity. I want to put my squares of -- for instance -- onions all together with onion-friendly neighbors nearby who have similar long-season growing habits.

But from what I'm reading, if I scatter the squares, onion pests or diseases are less likely to find everything if they find one square of onions.

Do you -- for instance -- plant onions in an onion bed for ease of caring for them? Or do you scatter squares of onions throughout the garden?

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Re: Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

Post  Dunkinjean on 5/7/2013, 8:23 pm

I plant according by each square or squares by the vegetable. I do try to companion planting but most of all not to plant certain vegetables that do not do well with others.
For instance I have 1 4x4 box which has a trellis on the north side between two rows that I am growing pole beans (using 4sq, 2 sq on each side of trellis-hope this makes sense). Then the other two rows of same I am growing peas. There are 2 sqs soybeans, 1 sq swiss chard, 2 sq romaine lett, 1 sq red fire lett, 1 sq spinach and 1 sq buttercrunch lett. I have 2 other 4x4 boxes of various veg.
I do rotate the 3 boxes each yr but I dont have to. I am abit OCD.
I also plant basil near my tomatoes. There are alot of variations. If it doesnt work one yr then try another way. As Boffer always said, "Its only a few seeds"
I hope this helps.

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Re: Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

Post  Triciasgarden on 5/8/2013, 3:07 pm

I have a 4' x 6' bed that I have cool weather crops in. I have three squares of onions in the middle of my bed. On the long ends I have peas so I can trellis them. In other squares around them I have lots of different lettuces, beets, carrots (barely planted), radishes, and cabbage. I will be planting onions in other beds also because they help deter the bad insects. I have another bed that has only potatoes in it. I have in the past put all my broccoli into one bed and probably will this year. I do rotate my beds every year though, no matter if things were all mixed up or all one type of crop.

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Re: Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

Post  Lemonie on 5/8/2013, 3:47 pm

It depends on your plan of attack for pests. I have a small bed for some cold crops that I'll be covering w/ tulle and my other boxes mostly have like-plants together w/ deterrents planted throughout. So, I have tomatoes and peppers together w/ some dwarf marigolds, garlic and onion planted in their corners. It's more of an experiment this year (always gotta have an experiment in the garden), so we'll see how it works.

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Re: Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

Post  plantoid on 5/8/2013, 4:19 pm

Sometimes if your MM is really good along with excellent replacement compost and there is plentuy of rain Mel's spacings are too small for brassicas as they end up smothering all other plants in the adjacent squares .

Take it slowly , keep written or on your PC notes so you can look back and see how things worked out or didn't as the case may be .

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Re: Each vegetable in one mass planting or scattered around the beds?

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