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12' Tomato Tower Question

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Re: 12' Tomato Tower Question

Post  CapeCoddess on 6/10/2013, 2:57 pm

Geez, Boffer...that kinda made me gasp & feel a bit ill right here at work... Sad My most embarrassing tool story is hitting my leg with the hammer, and probably everyone does that. But all tools bite me in one way or t'another. Evil or Very Mad Just like roses do no matter what I do to protect myself...


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Re: 12' Tomato Tower Question

Post  Lindacol on 6/10/2013, 4:39 pm

@boffer wrote:(That's not me in the pic by the way. Although I have a similar hairline!)

I was using a post driver like the one shown, reaching over my head to get the post started, when my bad shoulder gave out, and the driver fell on my head. Lot's of blood, big lump, saw stars, kept working. It left a healthy scar, but I'm too old to worry about cosmetics anymore.

I felt pretty dumb about it. So imagine how I felt about six months later when the same thing happened! Embarassed

I happened to mention my stupidity to my neighbor one day, and he was honest enough to admit to doing the same thing!

They should put warning labels on those things to wear a hard hat! Razz

Wow Boffer that sounds like something I would do. I've driven in lots of tall posts and so far only got a few bruises. Not bad for a woman just starting on Medicare.
I do stupider things like step back and trip over bags of MM and crack my head on the cinderblock raised bed. That was scary but I do have a hard head.

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Re: 12' Tomato Tower Question

Post  llama momma on 6/10/2013, 5:08 pm

Cracked head is very scary. So is seeing stars and hearing bells(done that too)
I didn't need tools either to get a rude awakening. In a hurry last year I caught the corner of the bed with my sneaker and slammed into the ground very fast. Slowly got up thinking really? cause something here should be broken. At least hitting the grass was better than falling back into the bed and crushing innocent plants.
llama momma

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Re: 12' Tomato Tower Question

Post  donnainzone5 on 6/11/2013, 12:35 pm

Problem resolved!

I finally heard from the SFG Store, and they sent out two more stakes--plus another 4'x4' kit--yesterday afternoon.

The boards from the kit were defective.

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Re: 12' Tomato Tower Question

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