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Recycling Potting Soil

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Recycling Potting Soil

Post  jenjehle on 5/3/2010, 4:39 pm

Hey, I have yet another question...

When I get done transplanting seedlings into the garden, can I re-use the potting soil that the seedling was in? I have found lately that I have potting soil left from various projects and I wondered if using it for a totally different plant or veggie would be a problem. I usually buy good potting mix and I hate to just pitch it if I can re-use it. This last time, I bought "Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix". It's not really expensive but it's not the cheapest stuff either. Of course, I would remove any loose roots or the like if there were any there.

What do you think? Any harm in re-using it?

Thanks again for any thoughts!


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Re: Recycling Potting Soil

Post  camprn on 5/3/2010, 4:56 pm

I throw it in the compost pile.


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Re: Recycling Potting Soil

Post  Retired Member 1 on 5/3/2010, 5:02 pm

I reuse mine. Just throw it into a 5 gallon bucket and at some point, go through and pull out the dead roots, crumble it all back up, add some compost and go with it.

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Re: Recycling Potting Soil

Post  Sponsored content Today at 3:46 pm

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