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Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

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Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  CapeCoddess on 12/16/2014, 3:03 pm

I'm new to pressure cooking and so far have only canned and cooked rice/beans with my pressure cooker/canner. But I found a good deal on organic free range drumsticks last weekend and want to use the pressure cooker on them.

Any favorite recipes for poultry, ham and everything else?



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Re: Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  plantoid on 12/19/2014, 4:30 am

CC what sort of pressure cooker do you have , idoes it also have the canner capability  ?


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Re: Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  AtlantaMarie on 12/19/2014, 9:18 am

While I have a (LARGE) pressure canner/cooker, I've only used it for canning thus far...  Sorry...


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Re: Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  CapeCoddess on 12/19/2014, 1:09 pm

@plantoid wrote:CC what sort of pressure cooker do you have , idoes it also have the canner capability  ?

It's called a Fagor 10 qt duo:

Yes, I bought it 3 yrs ago for making beans and canning. Since it's just me I don't need a big one. It's perfect & simple. Doesn't have a jiggler or guage or any of that stuff. Only issue is there's a 10psi & a 15psi and nothing else, but I've been able to work with that just fine.



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Age : 60
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Re: Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  plantoid on 12/19/2014, 1:55 pm

The paper work for it should have some reasonable tried & tested pressure cooing recipes.

 Like making a stew it's wise to small batch brown your meats and onions in a hot fry pan .

If you don't have a decent small digital kitchen timer as Santa for one as the secret to success is timing .

We often make soups , blanch frying & browning a few veg as well as all manner of meats .
Then it's almost exactly the same as for using an open pot , maybe a little less liquid  and pressure cutting for  six or so minutes ( 10 -15  psi " at just above steam escaping pressure .

Let it cool naturally for a few minutes and flick the weight to see if it still has pressure under it  before removing the weight then opening the cooker up.

 If your into fresh chicken simply slice off the breasts  for your main meal and do what ever you usually do  same with the legs . Put the rest of the carcass in the pot on three decent sized fine chopped  lightly browned onions , a couple of sliced unpeeled carrots & a couple of sticks of chopped celery , add about four pints of cold water and a teaspoon of salt to bring out the flavours as it cooks , pressure cook for 20 min.

Let it de-pressure naturally , when you can hold your hand on the side of the closed up pan you should be able to open it , pour the stock out through a sieve into a large container.   Pick & strip the flesh off the carcass /out the bottom of the plan , put it to one side having chopped about two dessert spoons of it very fine .

 Now fry one stick of fine chopped celery , when it is soft cut one peeled carrot and make it into 1/4 inch cubes , fry these for 5 min , now  add & brown in the same pan one large fine chopped onion, giving some of it a golden tan .

Pour two of pints of the stock in ann open pan, add a level dessert spoon of butter ( yummy taste ) add the veg bring to the boil add the fine chopped meat & simmer for 15 min . Turn off the heat  use a whizzer with care and liquidize the contents for 10 or so seconds , add 1/2 pint of milk and bring back to a simmer. Thicken with Xanthum gum or similar mixed well in a little cold milk  , if needed use your whizzer to mix it in the soup  then simmer for another  few minutes for the gum /thickener to turn state .

 A few min before serving add some fresh chopped parsley to the pan & stir in .
ad salt and pepper to taste then serve with the herb & salt  seasoned croutons you made whilst the soup was being cooked  or some of the pre baked but home finished  baguettes 7 some butter .

 Sometimes I put a dessert spoonful of dried Italian herbs into the soup at teh first  pressure cooking.

 I usually freeze the remaing stock intto pint bags and the once frozen 12 hrs or more (over night?)   vac pack &  heat seal it use a decent freezer proof permanant marker to name & date teh stock before bunging it in the deep freezer out in the garage for use at a later date .

 Quite often if we don't use all the soup in one go we use it as the basis for the next days evening meal such as thin layered potatoes in a shallow open pyrex or earthenware dish with our soup poured over it , cover it in pierced film & microwave it to part cook the potatoes ,   then oven baked till some of the potatoes show golden brown .  This goes well with our home made pork , sage & thyme ..slightly spicy  sausages .

 Other times when we have made a one crock meal we've used our chicken soup to pour over thin strips of smoked fish in an open dish and then oven bake it  if you want the thin sliced golden potatoes with this fish dish   You'll need to lightly butter kitchen roll dried thin sliced potatoes first , then microwave them to soften them up then build the fish & soup dish around them .

 We like pressure cooked salted ham ( Seven  so pounds of salted leg with the one in it ) .  The stock that comes of it is great for making pea leek & potato soups etc.. Once the ham has been cooked to the required time and you are able to get it out , remove the skin slice off enough of the fat so there is about a 1/2" layer nn the joint . . lay the skin flat criss-cross the out side of the skin with a sharp knife , rub a bit of salt in the cuts .
Put the skin back on the joint , tie the skin to the joint with butchers string and oven roast for the new weight time this will give you a great crunchy crackling & a fantastic firm flesh .

 Eat with lightly boiled & buttered  greens , roast  potatoes , herb & bread stuffing 7 some cranberry jelly & a thin light brown gravy .

 Once you get a couple of dozen pressure cooking recipes under your belt you'll tend to start making up your own recipes ..so long as you write down each step with weighed out quantities & use known volumes of liquid..
That way when you get a , " Can we have some more please "  meal you'll know how to repeat it .

 If you buy too big a lump of meat etc make up the dishes but don't thicken them , freeze them and then  thicken as needed once you have thawed and reboiled the food as most thickenings don't freeze very well .

I've just checked the model cooker you have .  Did you notice the recipes link in the blurb ..if not here it is ..some interesting recipes in there :-



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Re: Share your winningest Pressure Cooker recipes!

Post  Sponsored content Today at 12:56 am

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