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Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

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Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  J Long on 1/8/2015, 11:27 pm

I know no one personally involved in SFG and am currently trying to amass information to get started this spring including starting some of my own seedlings.
J Long

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  sanderson on 1/9/2015, 2:28 am

Hi J Long, Welcome to the Forum from California! glad you\'re here

This is a great time to get going on SFG. If you haven't read All New Square Foot Gardening, 1st or 2nd Edition, by Mel Bartholomew, this is the time to do it. Also, go to the Home page and look at the drop down topics along the bumpy left margin. Start looking for sources of large or medium vermiculite, peat moss, and 5 different composts your Mel's Mix. Draw out how you want to arrange and build your boxes. Are there trees in the area? Maybe consider raised beds to get away from their invasive roots. Where does the sun shine on you garden area throughout the seasons? You still have time to do all this and buy seeds to start your own seedlings (unless you are going to buy seedlings at a big box store or nursery), build trellises if needed. Gosh, perfect timing. Research the first and last frost dates in your area so you can start your seedlings before the last frost date. Buy cheap fluorescent lights to grow the seedlings under. I'm excited for your new adventure.

Please feel free to ask questions. And, post photos of your journey. We love photos!

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  sfg4uKim on 1/9/2015, 12:20 pm

glad you\'re here to the Forum.

I agree with sanderson. If you see the book in your local library, make sure it's the "All New" as this is even easier than Mel's original method.

Making use of the Search feature is great too. You can usually get an answer much quicker than having to wait for someone that knows the answer to log on.


I have seen women looking at jewelry ads with a misty eye and one hand resting on the heart, and I only know what they're feeling because that's how I read the seed catalogs in January - Barbara Kingsolver - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  AtlantaMarie on 1/9/2015, 12:33 pm

Hi J Long.  Welcome from Atlanta, GA!

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  llama momma on 1/9/2015, 4:20 pm

I think starting with Mels book All New Square Foot Gardening is the easiest and best place to start.  You will get all the fundamentals in one concise book and not stray in all different directions by the massive amount of info here on the forum. 

Also, if you don't want to grow seeds the way he describes in the book then look it up here in the white forum search box above, or just ask us.  But actually I would  suggest to forget growing indoors from seed, buy some transplants your first year to reduce stress, and ease into learning the square foot method and simply direct sow a few other things in the garden.  It's all suppose to be fun, right?

When I got started I didn't know the forum existed and simply went by the book. It's all I needed first time out and enjoyed a lot of success. That was over 4 years ago.
llama momma

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  herblover on 1/10/2015, 11:40 am

Welcome J Long from another central Ohioan!  There is lots of info here, but I agree with LLama Mama about seed starting this year.  I actually don't do it at all because of time constraints and indoor cats.  Our first/last frost dates are May 15 and Oct 15 to give you an idea.  Weather dependent of course.  I will plant cool weather veggies; especially hardy greens like kale in early March if my boxes aren't frozen. 

Start small, especially if you have never grown veggies before.  Plant what you know you  and your family like as well as try one or two new ones.  That is how I discovered the joys of Swiss chard and kale.  I do keep a garden journal to record what is planted and when, yields of different varieties, (there are soooo many more than yo will ever see in a store),  what does well and what doesn't.  Gardening has many variables, and you can have a banner year of something one year and nada the next.

Ask lots of questions and search the forums.  Have fun and learn lots and we will all be here to celebrate your successes!

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  Goosegirl on 1/10/2015, 12:36 pm

Welcome J Long! +1 to everything everyone else has said so far and relax, have fun, be adventurous, and keep us informed as to successes, failures, d'oh's, and LOTS of pics if you can!

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  J Long on 1/10/2015, 1:10 pm

Thank you.
I have space set from former not-so-successful gardens.  I have my box material, Mels's ANSFG, I have a 2'x3' bench space for starting plants and a 4' fluorescent (height adjustable) rigged up.

I'm planning on two- 4x4 boxes to start and maybe a 6x4.  In the past I have had most problems with pests- deer, squirrels, groundhogs, birds, chipmunks and rabbits.  I live close to the park system.

Shopping for deals on mix, starting materials, seed and ideas on critter barricades/ discouragement.

Thanks again
J Long

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

Post  has55 on 1/12/2015, 7:00 am

Welcome J Long from big Texas. glad you\'re here

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Re: Hi- New to SFG from zone 5b (Columbus, OH)

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