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New here from the western burbs of Chicago

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New here from the western burbs of Chicago

Post  Paintedlady on 5/8/2010, 9:42 pm

Hi, my name is Carrie. This is my first year planting a SFG. I gave up gardening 10 years ago when my kids came along b/c it was so difficult to maintain/weed/water, etc... with 2 little kids to care for. When I found out about SFG and read Mel's book, I was so excited to think I could garden successfully this time!

My husband & I built 4-2X6 boxes (6" deep) and 1-4X4 box (12" deep). I've got them planted, some with cold frames and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of warmer weather. I've been doing a lot of reading here today and am so inspired by what all of you are doing. Can't wait to join in!


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Re: New here from the western burbs of Chicago

Post  timwardell on 5/9/2010, 9:22 pm

Hi Carrie welcome to the Forum and welcome back to gardening. I think you'll find it sooooo much more fun (and easy) the SFG way. Best of luck with your garden. Very Happy

Certified SFG Instructor

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Re: New here from the western burbs of Chicago

Post  L&K-IL on 5/9/2010, 9:41 pm

Hey Carrie....and welcome!

I'll be interested to trade secrets/ideas/thoughts with you, as I'm in the western burbs as well (Aurora).

I've got a little less real estate than you....just (2) 2'x4' raised boxes for us. My lettuce, broccoli, swiss chard and carrots are outside. Peppers, herbs, cucumbers, squash and zucchini are anxiously waiting on my kitchen table in casserole dishes filled with vermiculite.
I planted everything from seed on April 14th. I've probably lost and replanted (or swapped) about half of everything already. Pretty crazy.

The wind over the past several days has been brutal!

anyway.....welcome and have fun!


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Re: New here from the western burbs of Chicago

Post  Paintedlady on 5/9/2010, 11:53 pm

Thanks for the warm welcome! L & K, I'm in West Chicago, just a tad bit north of you. Great to see you here neighbor! And yes, the wind and cold rain have been nasty. Today was better, but it's still cold tonight. Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive for good.

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Re: New here from the western burbs of Chicago

Post  Sponsored content

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