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Soggy Mel's Mix

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Soggy Mel's Mix

Post  Alejo678 on 4/1/2016, 9:13 am

I kept some Mel's mix in a wheelbarrow from fall through winter, and because it didn't drain, the mix just sat in ice for much of the winter and water once the snow melted.

I put it into a 4x4 box with a plywood bottom with holes drilled in but the mix is still dark and feels cool, heavy and kind of wet-- not at all the light, friable spongy stuff I had used last year.  It's been a couple of weeks now and it still has the same texture.

What happened? Can I still plant in this mix? Any way to salvage it?


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Re: Soggy Mel's Mix

Post  Zmoore on 4/1/2016, 9:34 am

My 2 cents:
Should be fine eventually, it just got REALLY saturated.  It will take a while to dry out in the box.  I'd recommend spreading it out on a tarp for a few sunny days.  Spread it out nice and thin, like an inch deep or less and expose to full sun and air.  If you do it on a tarp try to find a place with a little bit of slope as well just so if there is still way excess water it can drain off the tarp, but mostly of thin it out and expose it should dry out in a few days.  You may have to drag it out and back under cover during the drying process depending on weather, obviously if it rains during your "drying" process Smile    
I'd recommend adding new compost to the mix once dry, "amend" heavily.  Sounds like your mix and therefore your "bacteria" could have been smothered by being underwater for several months.  Does it stink?

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Re: Soggy Mel's Mix

Post  Alejo678 on 4/1/2016, 10:05 am

Thanks, that sounds like a really good idea.  My yard is slightly sloped towards the morning sun, so, that would definitely work, although with a lot of rain on the way, it may take a while.

The mix definitely stank when I drained it all off, but it doesn't smell much right now.

As a side note, I wish I had save the run off, as it might've made some great compost tea.

Thanks again.

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Re: Soggy Mel's Mix

Post  camprn on 4/1/2016, 10:12 am

@Alejo678 wrote:

What happened? Can I still plant in this mix? Any way to salvage it?

Dump it in the box, (no reason to move it twice), spread it out, and let it dry out. All will be well. Very Happy


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Re: Soggy Mel's Mix

Post  sanderson on 4/1/2016, 2:46 pm

I have some quasi-MM in a giant decorative pot that is septic. The rose root grew through the drain hole and plugged it up, and the rains filled it up. I plan on drying out the mix, amend with aerobic compost, and plant snap dragon and pansies this time around. A little flower spot. If it was real MM, I would do the same. Dry it out and add good compost. New, good, aerobic microorganisms will get re-established.


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Re: Soggy Mel's Mix

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