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Re: Trellis

Post  hammock gal on 6/23/2017, 10:30 am

Now that's pretty! I can just imagine how that would look with squash or melons dangling from it. Do a google image search so you can find a pic to show your wife how amazing it would look, and you can convince her you NEED one! Very Happy
hammock gal

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Re: Trellis

Post  CapeCoddess on 6/23/2017, 10:39 am

@Robbomb116 wrote:Somewhat off topic, but his is my plan for my next box(es). The trellis would be made of cattle panel and be used for winter squash and possibly melons.  It's just if the wife will let me build more boxes haha

I would LOVE to do that...especially with my grapes, and my cherry toms since they grow to be about 15 ft.  But alas, no cattle panels around here.
And no, I don't want to use those rusty ol'... other things who's name I can't remember.

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RE: Trellis

Post  newbeone on 6/23/2017, 1:31 pm

I use the full 10' and then shove it down into the ground over re-bar mine end up about 8' above my beds  I'm 5' 7" and that's about my max with a stretch.

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Re: Trellis

Post  trolleydriver on 6/28/2017, 7:30 am

Nice trellising video.


The funny thing is that he says the conduit and fittings are expensive ... for example, he says the "brackets" run from $2.50 to $3.50.  I had to laugh because up here in Canada those brackets (90 degree fittings) cost over $6 Cdn ($4.50 USD) and a 10 foot length of conduit is around $6 as well.

Mke your own nylon trellis netting.



Ottawa, Canada
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Re: Trellis

Post  CapeCoddess on 9/17/2017, 10:19 am


@brianj555 wrote:
@CapeCoddess wrote:I just priced it out and it's now $9 per trellis. Dang that inflation!
  but I buy in bulk -
Three 10 ft conduits at 2.81 a piece = two 5s, two 6s, two 4s = 2 trellises = one 5' X 4' & one 6'x 4'
2 pvc elbow connectors, Barbed = 1.21 ea
 netting  15 ft at $7= three 4' & one 3'.
Well I had no idea they could be made that inexpensively.  Are those mentioned above 4' wide or 4' tall. I just don't think that even 5' tall would be tall enough.  I'm figuring needing this height based on the fact that I have a determinate plant right now who's main stem is over 6' tall. ( the others are more like 5')  Maybe because of the climate down here.  I'm just thinking the indeterminates will be even taller.  Although I guess at if it's 7$ for 4' x 15' I could have two at 7.5' tall.  That wouldn't be a bad price.  See if I could make 4 of 4' x 7.5' for like $50 , that would be great. I was just figuring $100.  You do need to factor in rebar 4' (x8) and then 16 "u" clips to secure them to the bed as well. At 7.5' tall, I would need ten 10' conduits, which would also increase the cost.  How tall do your indeterminates main stem usually get?

Near the beginning of this thread is the answer to how big my indeterminants can get.

I made a mistake on some of these prices above. The elbow connectors are $0.69 each here. The trellis netting was 30 ft long and $7.77 from Amazon. I did forget to put the price of the rebar in because I got them for free from my boss but they are a dollar fifty for two foot length at Home Depot.

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Re: Trellis

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