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cherokee purple...seed to dish

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Re: cherokee purple...seed to dish

Post  SQWIB on 8/16/2017, 7:13 am

Scorpio Rising wrote:The two have similar shapes.  It is in the color.  Cherokee Purple are typically purplish brown almost, whereas Brandywines are red or pinkish.  They taste very similar in my opinion.  Rich, sweet.

For me I have found the Brandywine Reds to be Dark Red - "Orangeish"  for lack of a better word, "Brandywine Red" on the right and a Pinkish "Boxcar Willie" on the Left.
The color of the BoxCar willie looks similar to a Mortgage Lifter.

I agree on the color being a purplish brown, sort of. Here is a Brandywine (Left) with a Cherokee Purple (Right).

You can definitely pick out the three different tomatoes in this picture.

What I like about the Cherokee Purples is when you cut them open, they may not be as pretty on the outside, but the inside is beautiful.


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Re: cherokee purple...seed to dish

Post  countrynaturals on 8/16/2017, 11:13 am

llama momma wrote:
Are you saying it might not even be a brandywine? wrote:AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! It's not a brandywine -- it's NZ Spinach!   I can't even believe I've wasted all this time on something I don't like and........goes in the compost tomorrow at the toe of my shoe! Evil or Very Mad The worst part of this stupid story is that I still don't have a brandywine tomato plant. Sad
Thanks for the good laugh from your description.  I have 'planted' new things too then waited and waited only to realize later I must have pulled the authentic plant and nurtured a gorgeous weed.  It happens and its funny later on. At the moment of discovery its not so humorous.  You will have your brandywine next time!
Thanks for sharing. Now I don't feel quite so stoopid. Embarassed

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Re: cherokee purple...seed to dish

Post  CapeCoddess on 8/16/2017, 12:57 pm

Yeah, that was one weird looking tomato plant.  I once nurtured a cherry plant, and was so excited that I'd have a tree one day, only to find out it was a wild loosestrife that must have come up out of the compost.   Rolling Eyes

So, we cut open the mystery tomato and it looks just like the Cherokee Purple that SQWIB posted above.  It was good but we decided we didn't like it enough to grow it so I tossed the seeds.  I always thought that my homegrown Brandywines were a bit bland for my taste and this was the same.  

But, IMO, different gardens, composts, locations, etc, produce different flavor results, if only subtle, even if the same seeds used.

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Re: cherokee purple...seed to dish

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