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Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

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Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

Post  BeetlesPerSqFt on 1/30/2017, 1:16 pm

Ack, don't throw out those seeds you've decided you won't be using: I’d love to do some  seed trading!  (I know, I know, I’m being an enabler...)

I hope I'm doing this right... Below is a list of what I have to offer, followed by a list of what I’m most interested in. Most of these are from 2015 or 2016. My seeds are stored at about 55-60*F at about 50% humidity. Some of these I only have enough to share one sample worth (generally speaking, enough to do a few squares, except beans cause the seeds are harder to ship safely due to their size), others I can do several. Pretty sure I can only trade with others in the US, legally/practically speaking (my apologies international friends!)
I plan on sending seeds in bubble mailers, see:

Reusing the mailer I send to you, to trade seeds back to me would be great! It costs more than an envelope, so feel free to pick a few varieties to make it worthwhile. 

   *=older for the seed type, or poorly stored (before I got them, of course)
    @ - will be purchasing, can share after order comes in
 except for the arugulas, chrysanthemum, and salad burnet, there is some chance that the home-saved seeds could have crossed with related varieties

Beans:  Marfax(home-saved), Snowcap(home-saved - these are big seeds!), Big Mama Lima (huge seeds)
Broccoli: Calabrese,  Romanesco,  Summer Purple Sprouting
Bok Choy:  White Stemmed
Collards : Green Flash
Cabbage: Golden Acres, Gonzales F1
Cauliflower: Early Snowball
Celeriac: Large Prague
Cucumber: Marketmore 76, Pointset 76, Muncher, SMR 58, Spacemaster
Eggplant:  Early Long Purple
Fennel: Zefa Fino
Greens, Arugula: Grazia(home-saved), Olive Leaved Sylvetta, Rocket(home-saved), @Dragon Tongue
Greens, Mache: Corn Salad French Delight
Greens : Edible Chrysanthemum(home-saved) 
Greens,  Lettuce: Arctic King, Carioca, Edox, Escale, Nevada, Buttercrunch(home-saved)
 Greens,  Lettuce: Oakleaf, Radichetta , Red Deer Tongue,  Rouge D’Hiver, Salad Bowl Green, 
 Greens,  Lettuce: Hungarian Winter Pink, Hyper Red Rumple Waved, Winter Density
Greens, Dandelion: Garnet-Stem
Greens, Endive
Greens, Sorrel:     Red-Veined
Greens, Mustard:  Hot Spicy Blend (High Mowing), Green Wave, Red Giant
Greens,    Radicchio:  Castelfranco
Kale: White Russian Kale, Baltic Red
Leeks: King Richard
Melon:    Sierra (Gold), Golden Crispy
Okra:  Clemson Spineless #80
Onion:  *Red Amposta(intermediate), *Red Burgundy(short), Stuttgarter (long), @Rossa Di Toscana (long)
*Parsnip:  Turga
@Parsley Root: Arat
Peas:  Alaska, Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers(home-saved)
Pepper: Joe’s Long Cayenne, Tam Jalapeno (mild), Big Thai hybrid hot peppers, Ancho,
Radish: Green Meat Radish
Tomatillo: Purple
Tomato    es: Chadwick Cherry, Rutgers, @Isis Candy, @Nepal, @Black Opal
Winter Squash: Delicata Winter Squash, Table Queen*
Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
Zucchini:  Grey Zucchini, Emerald Delight
Herbs: Za’atar Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, *Lettuce leaf basil, Holy basil (home-saved), Salad Burnet (home-saved), Chervil
Flowers:  Anise Hyssop, Echinacea, Hyssop
  Morning Glory: Grandpa Ott, Heavenly Blue, Crimson Rambler
  Sweet peas: Early Gigantea, Royal Family, Jet Set, Mammoth mix
  Tithonia:  Aztec Sun

Interested in:
This is NOT an only-these list. Feel free to suggest other plants/varieties! Generally speaking: I like Polish heirlooms and obscure/forgotten species (like skirret.)  I don’t like swiss chard, pattypans, spaghetti squash, or snap peas (I’ll eat them if served to me, but I don’t want to grow them.) I don’t have room for corn even though there are some really neat varieties out there. I’m renting, so I don’t want to grow perennial vegetables like rhubarb or asparagus. I don’t want more carrot seeds until I’ve figured out how to grow them.  Unless you really think they have very low germination, older seeds are fine.

~ - indicates a variety I am likely to purchase this year if I do not receive any
Beans: Hidatsa Shield Figure, Papa De Rola, Tuvaglieda, Brightstone
Beets: a ‘mangel’ variety
Cabbage: Chirimen Hakusai
Cucumber: Little Leaf, Potato cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin=Mouse melon=Cucamelon
Eggplant: Patio Baby, Millionaire
Greens: Hong Vit, Mibuna, Senposai, Pai Tsai, Tokyo Bekana, Skirret
Greens: Arugula: Even Star’ Winter, Ice-bred, Wasabi
Greens: NZ Spinach, Upland (winter) cress~, edible Chickweed, Texsel greens, Green sorrel~
Greens, Lettuce: Matina, Brune D’Hiver, Slobolt, Mikola, Bughatti, Flashy Buttergem, Eva Snader’s Brown Winter
     Lettuce: Sword Leaf (Yu Mai Tsai) Looseleaf, Key Lime, Australian yellow, Lollo Rossa~, Tennis Ball~
Kale:  Tronchuda, Sea Kale
Pepper:  Buran~, Jimmy Nardello~, Sweet chocolate~, Tawny Port, Black Hungarian
Pepper:   a brown/black mole’ variety that’s hot but not stupid-hot;  Aji Dulce (Capsicum chinense)not hot
Radish: Dragon hybrid, April Cross hybrid, China Rose, Cincinnati Market Radish~
Squash, summer: Lemon squash
Squash, Winter: (small (1-6lbish), less common, non-hybrid, vining (not bush) varieties of C.maxima/C.moschatanot C pepo; and already have a butternut-looking type) Sweet fall squash, Amazonka, Arka Surymukhi, Blue Kuri, Kogigu, Gold Nugget, Chiriman
Strawberries: from seed? I guess I’d try that...
Tomato: Mortgage Lifter, Old Brooks, Legend, Azoychka, Forest Fire
Turnip: Petrowski
Zucchini: Trailing Green Marrow, Black Beauty, Tatume

Herbs:  basils (other than Thai,sweet and lettuce leaf) such as lemon, lime, cinnamon, red, purple...
Flowers: Elecampane~, Tithonia: Fiesta Del Sol, Blue/Lacy Tansy/Scorpion-weed (Phacelia tanacetifolia), soapwort, dwarf helenium?
Other: Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina), Mock curry plant (Heliochrysum italicum)

Last edited by BeetlesPerSqFt on 1/30/2017, 1:18 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot to remove a note to contact someone!)

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Re: Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

Post  Ginger Blue on 1/30/2017, 1:47 pm

Oh, Beetles, you KNOW I love me some seed swaps! Wink

Off the list of seeds you're offering, I love to try the Mache, Tomatillo, Radish, and @Isis Tomato.

Of your wish list I can offer NZ Spinach (Tetragonia), Tansey (Tanacetum Vulgare), and the following Basils: Asian (Kapoor Tulsi OG), Greek Miniature, Citrus (Lime OG), Red Rubin, and Dark Opal.  All of these seeds are from 2016, commercially purchased.

Send me a PM if you'd like to trade. What a Face



Ginger Blue

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Re: Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

Post  LAgirlInBama on 3/3/2017, 11:05 pm

I have these:

Black Beauty Zucchini

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Sweet chocolate pepper

Millionaire eggplant (I think).

All were purchased. The "tested" date on all the packages is 11/2016. I have extremely limited quantities because they were sample packs to begin with, and I've shared with someone already. I do have many varieties of tomato and peppers. So if there are other varieties you might like to try, I can check to see if I have them.

I would like to try celeriac, tomatillo, and any of the peppers you have, as those seem to have escaped my collection. 

PM me if interested.

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Re: Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

Post  MeghanSTL on 3/5/2017, 12:27 pm

I have Tennis Ball lettuce from Baker's Creek & Black Beauty zucchini from Seed Savers, both purchased this year. I have nearly full envelopes as I have a rather small garden and am starting a grand total of one zucchini plant lol. I'd love to trade for Oakleaf or Buttercrunch lettuce, or Calabrese broccoli.

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Re: Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

Post  BeetlesPerSqFt on 3/5/2017, 2:40 pm

Update: from my interested in list, I've already received (or will be receiving) or have already purchased:
Greens: Tokyo Bekana,
Greens: Arugula: Even Star’ Winter
Greens: NZ Spinach, Upland (winter) cress~, Green sorrel~
Greens, Lettuce: Matina, Lollo Rossa~
Pepper:  Buran~, Jimmy Nardello~, Sweet chocolate~, Black Hungarian
Pepper:  Aji Dulce (Capsicum chinense)
Tomato: Mortgage Lifter,
Zucchini: Black Beauty

Herbs:  basils: lemon, lime, citrus, red, purple, & miniature Greek (I'm good on basil!)

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Re: Trade seeds with BeetlesPerSqFt in Central Pennsylvania, USA

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