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2017 Garden Plan in Washington

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2017 Garden Plan in Washington

Post  tpeila on 4/5/2017, 9:59 pm

I have had gardens in the past but used to having ample room. This year I rented a plot at the local community garden so I have a 4'x12' plot. So I am trying SFG. I've always wanted to try it so now I am!

This is my plan - I "think" I have it dialed in but looking to get input. Not trying to figure out succession planting which I have never done. I live in 8b zone. Seeds will be here Friday so will start many of them indoors. I plan on putting the lettuce under the cucumbers in kind of an A-frame the thing. And really the zucchini will probably only be 1-2 plants since they take up so much room unless I can train them vertically.

Oh the potatoes are a tower as are the strawberries too

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Re: 2017 Garden Plan in Washington

Post  ralitaco on 4/5/2017, 11:57 pm

First of all WELCOME TO THE FORUM from coastal NC.

You have definitely come to the right place to get insight, input and to share what you know from your past gardening experiences. While there are many differences b/n SFG and row gardening, your past gardening knowledge still be very useful.

As for your plan, I love the icons. I was able to figure out most of them. Very Happy
I am not the best to make suggestions as I am still learning myself. With that said, I am concerned about your Zucchini. It looks like you are planning on planting 4 in 6 squares. In my limited experience, I have seen 1 zuke take up 4 squares by itself. Now I have had success planting 1 zuke in 2 squares in the outer squares so I could "train" it to grow over the edge.

You also may want to move your cucumbers to the end of the bed with the beans or peas so you can put up a trellis for them to all climb up.

I will bet someone will say something about your strawberries. I think they like to put out runners and sprawl.

Another thing to consider, watch your placement of tall vs short plants. I think I had issues last season with some plants being shaded out to oblivion.

Lastly, which way is North in relation to your bed.

Best of luck, post pictures and I look forward to seeing how things progress.
I KNOW that others will chime in because this forum has the best people on it.

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Re: 2017 Garden Plan in Washington

Post  sanderson on 4/6/2017, 2:16 am

Tpeila, Welcome to the Forum from California!  glad you\'re here  My husband and I lived for a year at Fort Lewis in 1970-71 and I remember that the summer was 3 months long!  As Ralitaco mentioned, summer squash take up a lot of space so I would recommend 2 as the max.  Hopefully the towers for the strawberries and potatoes won't shade their neighbors.  Will this plot be a raised bed?  Are you using Mel's Mix or just amending what is there with composts?  Please post photos and keep us updated. Very Happy


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Re: 2017 Garden Plan in Washington

Post  AtlantaMarie on 4/6/2017, 8:31 am

Hi Tpeila. Welcome from Atlanta, GA!

I also like your icons! Very easy to understand. And how exciting for you!

The strawberries - Ralitaco is correct - they will send out runners. Are you sure that you'll have the same spot next year? You won't really get much of a harvest this year.

Are those marigolds in the middle? Those will help with bugs...

Looking forward to seeing your plot!

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Re: 2017 Garden Plan in Washington

Post  Turan on 4/6/2017, 1:46 pm

Very nice!

I have a couple thought that I hope are useful~
I plant radishes among the carrots, by the time the carrots get going the radishes are gone.  It lessens the amount of carrot thinning needed.
It might be hard to keep the zukes from bullying the beans.
If you are doing a potato tower plant a long season variety or a fingerling.  A lot of potatoes varieties respond to towers with lots of top growth but not more tubers.

Those are indeterminate tomatoes, right? And you will be fanatical about keeping up with the pruning?  Other wise they need more room.  I plan for 2 ID tomatoes per 3x2 area.  Ummmm,,, it does depend some on variety, Stupice and Cherokee purple are not as tall and robust as Big Beef, but would still be hard to contain to 1 square.

I really like the cucumbers shading the lettuce, may your lettuce be sweet all summer!


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Re: 2017 Garden Plan in Washington

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