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Rule of thumb for round containers?

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Rule of thumb for round containers?

Post  dk54321 on 4/13/2017, 12:56 pm

I got some large round planters for free. (Okay, someone set them out with the trash and I grabbed them.) I was thinking of using them to grow herbs on the porch by the kitchen door. Is there an SFG rule of thumb for spacing plants in round containers?

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Re: Rule of thumb for round containers?

Post  Scorpio Rising on 4/13/2017, 10:06 pm

I guesstimate.  I have 24" diameter large deep containers on my south side, I do 2 melons or 1 tomato per.

I have a smaller (maybe 16") diameter plastic container that I put one kale per container...also depends on the plants. Used to be used for flowers.  Some plants really INVADE their space, and when you take them out, a bunch of MM is engaged with the roots...

So if you are familiar with the plants' growing habits, it is helpful.  

12 inch pot gets one plant, but not a heavy feeder.  I don't use them, they are too shallow/small.
Scorpio Rising

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Re: Rule of thumb for round containers?

Post  ralitaco on 4/14/2017, 12:46 am

DK, I have never used one, but I would think you would find the area of the pot and divide by 144 to see how many "squares" you have.

e.g. - A 24" round pot has about 453 square inches of area which is about the same as 3 square 12" squares. Meanwhile, a 12" pot has an area of 113 which is slightly less than 1 square.

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Re: Rule of thumb for round containers?

Post  Banned Member on 4/14/2017, 6:38 am

Two offerings of advice:

1. Disinfect those containers as best as you can.  You don't know how they were used.  They could have been used for things like trash collection or to hold toxic products.  We benefited from some free large containers, large enough to grow dwarf trees if we wanted.  It held more than a cubic yard of Mel's Mix if that will tell you how large these babies were.  We used bleachwater on the containers and then rinsed the bleach out.  Then, we applied H2O2.

2. I have found that when doing SFG in containers, it is better to play it a little conservative.  Go with slightly less plants per sf than you would if you had a raised bed or original SFG plot.  Cucumbers did exceptionally well, maybe even better than the other way, in our large planters.  We placed 4 pickling cukes in a container, when there was room for 6.  We grew sweet 100 cherry tomatoes in a container larger than one sf and about 11 inches deep.  

Good luck.  The one good advantage about containers is that you can move them around if needed.  For instance, if you have lettuce, you can move it into the shade or even bring it inside if you are going to have exceptionally high heat.

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Re: Rule of thumb for round containers?

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