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May 22nd update photos

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May 22nd update photos

Post  jerzyjen on Sun 23 May 2010 - 7:31

Heres a few photo updates from yesterday. I promised myself i would keep up on my blog and I'm totally not doing it, but at least I can sneak a few photos in here in case anyone wants to see whats goin on over here in south jersey!

Here's my corn box. 3 seeds didnt germinate so i replanted, the hope here is to have a total of 11 stalks.

My roma in a pot in the corner where my strawberry box got washed out. We refilled the pit here and all is ok now. I'll add supports later on.

My tomato & basil box. I have divided 2 squares on one end and filled it with jersey soil with organic bagged fertilizer. I want to see how they fare next to mel's mix. Also experimenting with those tomato trays.

First flowers on my lemon boy tomato

Here's my heirloom Morton tomato in jersey soil

Here's my heirloom Morton tomato in MM

First Strawberry!

Two tomatillos in a 2 x 4 area. I'll be growing cilantro along the outer edge of the squares. Not exactly by the book.

Snow peas goin crazy - flowers are starting to bloom Very Happy

This makes my salad bowl happy

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Re: May 22nd update photos

Post  new2this on Mon 24 May 2010 - 5:54

I like your salad greens!
That's one thing I'll do more of next yr.....big salad garden!
Nice pictures - thx for sharing.


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Re: May 22nd update photos

Post  timwardell on Mon 24 May 2010 - 7:26

Looking good. Congratulations.

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Re: May 22nd update photos

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