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The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

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The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

Post  trukrebew on 5/30/2010, 10:30 am

After starting out strong with lots of sprouts on a heater in my basement 10 weeks ago, I finally got those plants in the ground! I hit some snags along the way that were mostly non-SFG (entered a birdhouse building contest, wife sprained ankle, & I burned 2 fingers--no more fireworks in this house!) but now I am so very happy to see my 'babies' out of their cramped 4-packs and into their humble homes.
Here are some pics of the progress:

You can see my seedlings under their cage in the back. This was in mid-April, when I was ahead of the game! The boxes were only half-full with Mel's Mix so far. The pile o' dirt in the
center was being stored there temporarily...no potatoes in it this year!

I built this birdhouse for a contest in May and took 2nd place! . But it took up all my free
time for 2 full weeks and therefore stalled my SFG. I took this pic
right before I delivered it to the contest when the paint wasn't even
dry! I had to see it in my SFG! There is close up pic in my personal album. I don't want to clutter this thread too much more.

With the fencing up and gates installed, the seedlings were safe enough from chipmunks & squirrels to plant out. Special thanks to my mom for helping me get these in the squares while my fingers are still recovering from those burns.

This unfinished aisle is hastily built with leftover patio pavers. My 3
boys love to turn the bricks over for worms and centipedes every day.
You can see the deer netting that I stapled inside the gate and placed on the lower 18" of the garden fencing to keep that pesky chipmunk out.

The 2x6 in the back is all tomato and the 2x4 on the right is all corn.
Thanks to this forum, I learned about using bottle cloches. The oldest
corn sprouts are doing great under them and they've kept them safe from
that chipmunk, who found the one hole in the fence that I haven't
closed up yet! The 4 squares on the right of the 4x4 are all cukes. I still need to
build my trellis, but I'm hoping that the corn grows tall faster then
the cukes so that the corn won't get shaded out.

Each of my 3 boys gets 2 squares this first year. They've gone for
broccoli, watermelon, and marigolds (that were started in school). The
watermelon is planted at the near end so the vines grow into the empty
box next to it. They are under the cloches made from CD-R container
I have a 2nd tier for carrots, yet to be seeded, that I made out of the scraps from the box building.

I built this cage from the same hardware cloth used for the seedling cage. It is covering my first crop of
radishes. They were the first direct-sown seeds in my SFG and they are
already sprouting!
I also learned to make the plant markers out of old mini-blinds from you guys----

This 2x3 is just for herbs. So far it has parsley (in its second year),
basil & cilantro (bought at 80% off at supermarket), and lemon balm. I'm not
sure what to use the lemon balm for, but it smells nice and was given
to me for free.
The found-at-curb mailbox is where I plan to keep my trowel, some fertilizer, plant
markers, gloves, and a laminated companion planting guide. I just have
to install the post first.

This is my non-SFG fruit garden with 2 blueberry bushes (so far) and
about 18 strawberry plants. Now that the cage is off of the veggie
seedlings, I put it over some strawberry plants. I can finally box out
that hungry chipmunk and am looking forward to harvesting some red
berries that don't have bites in them already!

That's it! I apologize if it is too long, but I guess I am happy to share!


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Re: The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

Post  johnfromfl on 5/30/2010, 10:46 am

Great Looking SFG. It's not a long post. The only thing long is the time to harvest.

One Question......Is that a rain barrel at the corner of the house? Great idea if it is. I have to redo my rain barrel soon. my water bill is a dollar more than if I didn't water the garden.


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Re: The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

Post  Megan on 5/30/2010, 11:48 am

Looks fantastic!!!


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Re: The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

Post  trukrebew on 5/30/2010, 9:46 pm

Yes, that's my rain barrel I picked up in the trash--lucky find indeed! I still need to splice my downspout into one of those folding diverters. It doesn't get much rain buildup otherwise. I also have a spigot to tap into it and screen to cut for the open top to keep out 'skeeters in the summer and leaves in the fall. I've been using tap water for the time being. Now that the plants are in, this just moved to the top of the projects list!


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Re: The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

Post  Theresa on 6/1/2010, 7:10 pm

WOW you've been busy! Everything looks GREAT!
I want to see it again as it's growing so keep those photos coming!!


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Re: The day I've been waiting for--My SFG is planted!

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