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re: newbie with dumb questions

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re: newbie with dumb questions

Post  carolintexas on 3/11/2010, 7:18 am

My fenced in garden area is 20' x 20'.....vacant lots to the east and south, house on the north side and the west side is about 30' feet from my neighbor's huge elm tree. Since this is my first attempt I thought I would place 4 - 4'x4' boxes in that area, 2 rows of 2 boxes closest to the east end for assorted veggies. If I make a 2' x16' box along the west edge of the fence for corn will the corn keep my veggie boxes from getting enough sun? Can't put the corn on the north edge because of the house forming most of the north edge. darn! I wish I could draw you a picture, visual learner that I am. Where I live the summers are mostly cloud free and hot. and nothing will shade the garden from the east side. The garden area is fenced with 6' chain link....could I place a box up against the south fence and use the fence for a trellis for melons, pumpkins, beans or would the chain link openings be too small? Would vine crops on the south fence shade my veggie boxes too much? The vacant lots to the east and south of my garden will be covered in weeds and the owner won't mow them until they are over 3' tall and the city insists he mow. I think it was August when he mowed last year....will the neighbor's weeds give me trouble with my garden? Where I live the wind blows constantly,I didn't move in until October so I don't know what kind of weeds or when they go to seed. Thank you for any advice as I have no experience whatsoever!


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Re: re: newbie with dumb questions

Post  happyfrog on 3/11/2010, 8:20 am

re: corn - would it be possible to put the corn on teh north side of property? then sun east/west won't really be an issue. . .

you may find your corn will need some hand pollination - corn grows best in squares, not rows. ..

i'm on second year of sfg - set up my boxes last may and we got hooked big time!


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Re: re: newbie with dumb questions

Post  mckr3441 on 3/11/2010, 8:58 am

No question is a dumb question on these forums! We've all either been there or are asking the same questions now.

As a visual person too, it would be good to see a schematic. Can you draw one, take a picture of it and post it? That might help others give you good advice.

I live in the North where snow, frost, and freeze are my problems. I know someone will have good answers for you, but a drawing might help.

May the luck of the Irish be with you as we approach St. Patrick's Day


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Those are actually good Q's

Post  Lavender Debs on 3/11/2010, 8:59 am

My answers may be what is dumb.

Bees do not pollinate corn. Wind does. The pollen falls from those funky tops to the silk. Sister stalks need to drop pollen to ears of corn on other stalks. Your best chance for full ears of corn seems to come from block planting rather than row planting because of how pollination happens. Putting the corn to the west is a good choice.

Four 4x4 boxes in a 20x20 garden? Where will you walk?

The fence for a trellis sounds good if you do not need to step into the beds to work or harvest. Think beyond this year. If you find that you need to rotate your food, will you have logical places to move vine crops to?

Weeds are just a fact of life in a garden. They may not be so bad in a SFG. With a neighbor like you have, diligence is your best bet.

Deborah ….who knows that all of us were once beginners. Love that you are have been recruited and am looking forward to reading about your rookie year.

Lavender Debs

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Re: re: newbie with dumb questions

Post  carolintexas on 3/11/2010, 11:12 pm

Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. Where will I walk? LOL! can you tell that I have no idea what I am doing or planning? On paper it works but since my boxes are not yet made I don't know exactly what it will be like but I am sooo anxious to get started. It is too muddy from recent snows to get in my garden area to even mark off where I want to put boxes. I hadn't thought far enough ahead to plan crop rotation...something to ponder. I appreciate your thoughts.


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Time for a good preemergent herbicide

Post  SirTravers on 3/11/2010, 11:45 pm

I know we don't like to use stuff if we don't have to, but to keep the grass burrs and tumbleweeds in check you'll want to use a good preemergent herbicide on your property. It's right on the opening of your window to put it out this weekend in amarillo and you'll have 3 weeks total in which it can be done. Your next round will come in mid to late September up there. I'd use a drop spreader instead of a broadcast spreader so you don't get any in your SFG beds. Check with your local garden center, feed store, or Co-Op and they'll help you get the right stuff. Tell em you need one for grassy and broadleaf weeds.


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tumbleweeds & burrs

Post  carolintexas on 3/12/2010, 12:57 am

THANKS! Exactly the kind of help I need because I don't know these things! I will go purchase some tomorrow.


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Re: re: newbie with dumb questions

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