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getting started

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getting started

Post  motoguzzima on 7/10/2010, 9:47 am

Hello lower southers - I am wanting to get started with SFG and have some questions. Any help would be appreciated.

1) my yard is Bermuda grass. Can I just throw a box out there and fill it with Mel's mix or do I have to.....use RoundUp, cover it with plastic or newspaper, or who knows what? Wait for weeks?...I like the throw and go idea (the lazier the better), but I don't want to "mess up".

2) the location which would likely be best drains just fine in all but the heaviest downpours, at which time it becomes the flood plane for a few hours. Is all my Mel's mix going to float off (bye bye hard work)? Am I asking for trouble (I hate doing that)? It is pretty much the only place I have available. Should I just make the boxes taller (no ladder needed)?

While I await your expert assistance I'll try and figure out just what I want to plant. Thanks in Advance.


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Re: getting started

Post  camprn on 7/10/2010, 10:31 am

I am not in your region but I will offer my opinion. If it were my potential garden I would remove the sod, roots, soil and all, which is lots of work, but oh so worth it.

I would build boxes with high sides.

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Re: getting started

Post  boffer on 7/10/2010, 10:41 am

glad you\'re here to the forum. From what I've read about Bermuda grass here on the forum, I would follow Camp's advice, plus put down a couple extra layers of cardboard.

The easy solution to both your weed and flooding problems, is to make table top sfg boxes. good job! There are several good threads about them that can be easily found with a search. Who wants to garden on the ground, anyhow?!

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Re: getting started

Post  Retired Member 1 on 7/10/2010, 11:39 am

I live in "Bermuda land" and that stuff is tenacious. I built a 20" tall lasagna bed on top of newspaper and cardboard in an area adjacent to bermuda. The bermuda sent out "emmisaries" and are now almost filling the box. I am not 100% organic, so if it were me, I'd Roundup the bermuda, wait 2 weeks, and then follow the instructions in the book except, I'd also put down a layer of newspaper/cardboard under the weed cloth. AND extend the cardboard/weedcloth at least 18" out from the boxes. You can always cover with mulch to make it look better.

As to drainage, as long as the area doesn't have standing water over a couple of inches for hours on end, the mix won't float out. I used 8" lumber for all my beds as I wanted the extra couple of inches, so that might be a possiblity for you. No need to go any higher (unless you want to tabletop ala Boffer).

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Re: getting started

Post  jeboo on 7/10/2010, 7:57 pm

I agree with Belfry. I am north of Dallas in burmuda land. This is my first season to SFG. We dug up the grass and put down weedcloth back in the spring and I haven't had to weed at all!

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Re: getting started

Post  motoguzzima on 7/11/2010, 9:12 am

Thanks to all for the input. Very helpful.


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Re: getting started

Post  motoguzzima on 7/11/2010, 9:21 am

and I had no idea you could grow lasagna....


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Re: getting started

Post  Chopper on 7/11/2010, 2:30 pm

@motoguzzima wrote:and I had no idea you could grow lasagna....

Well, you do have to check the meat sauce for snails when you harvest...


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Re: getting started

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