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Cabbage Loopers

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Cabbage Loopers

Post  new2this on 7/20/2010, 9:21 am

I think that's what I have.....those little guys are ravaging thru my garden and eating everything up!
I had a nice brussel sprout plant that literally looked like a skeleton of leaf veins. I got home from vacation and it seems those loopers were enjoying my garden a bit. I pulled the plant (since they're better in the fall anyway).

My tomato plants are being overrun by them too! My daughter and I were out "pinching" them off the leaves yesterday. I can't spray them off cuz the plants back up to my house, then on the one side there are blueberries and on the other is the rest of my SFG.

What can I use on Cabbage Loopers? (and is that the correct name for what I used to call "Inchworms" as a kid?)


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Re: Cabbage Loopers

Post  Ha-v-v on 7/20/2010, 9:41 am

Ive been using Dipel Dust for the tomatoes, melon and radishes, I am putting a link HERE to the brand I buy at my local feed store. Its Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt)an organic insecticide. The bag says cabbage loopers. I would prefer a concentrate to add to water myself. I have gallon sprayers and prefer it. The dusting bugs me. But I use it and it works. I know Bonide makes a concentrate Thuricide, I will get that next time. Bonide Thuricide

It works immediately too, they eat it and cant eat anymore. The first time I used it I knew I had some horn worms in there some where. I day or two later I saw them, they had died. I hate some things about gardening still Smile But its the tomatoes or the worms. I want tomatoes.

Let us know how it goes Smile


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Re: Cabbage Loopers

Post  Ha-v-v on 7/20/2010, 9:50 am

Oh and I found out about the Dipel Dust here from Tim Wardell Smile This forum is so packed with info. I also am going to use the liquid BT to inject my squash plants.(thats another idea from the forum. Ive been using dust, but I found a larvae in one of my zukes. Ok and Im so not a fan of any larvae !!!!!! My zukes are still producing!! I love them Smile so the dipel dust has helped some Smile


Female Posts : 1123
Join date : 2010-03-12
Age : 56
Location : Southwest Ms. Zone 8A (I like to think I get a little bit of Zone 9 too )

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Re: Cabbage Loopers

Post  Sponsored content Today at 7:30 pm

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