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I started my fall crops today.

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I started my fall crops today.

Post  quiltbea on 7/24/2010, 12:35 pm

Here in Maine, we have a short season but I'm trying to get a fall crop of different things.

In the front half of my A-frame from left to right: Tyee Spinach (40 D) in the rear with space for more seeds in a wk or so, Mokum carrots (54D), Napoli Carrots (58D) with Cherriette Rads (26D) between each of the 3 carrot rows. I've marked with vermiculite so I know where to water til they germinate.

Here is Bed 2 I've sown Violet Queen and Fremont Cauliflower and Packman Broccoli, one of each on 7-21. I'll try a few seeds next week as well.

In Bed 3 I've sown the same Barssicas plus both Red Oakleaf and Crispino lettuce seeds. That's lemon balm and rosemary in the front of the box with some late Delicious Tomatoes on the right. The other greens along the sides are Fremont Cauliflower started 5/16 which have slowed in the heat. I try to fill in the empty spaces but first I add some composted manure and a half handful of limestone to replenish the soil.


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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  Megan on 8/8/2010, 7:46 am

How does your garden grow, quiltbea? Smile


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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  quiltbea on 8/8/2010, 10:43 am

The rads are coming up and the lettuce just has a few grassy leaves coming up. It took the lettuce long enuf but I had a hard time keeping them moist to germinate. We've had dry, hot weather here in Maine and I only went to water the rows once a day.
When I get my camera back, its been borrowed, I'll take pics and post here later.
Hope your garden is doing well.


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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  martha on 8/31/2010, 9:36 pm

I had such high hopes for a fall garden, and so far I have done NOTHING! Sigh. Time to get away from my desk and out in the dirt where I belong!


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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  quiltbea on 8/31/2010, 11:46 pm

Martha, Its probably just as well. You're in New England where you also got the hot days of summer late in the season.
I started broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, radishes, spinach and all I got that came up well is radishes.
The rest are a loss this fall. Too durn hot. We got more 90-plus days late in the season that in the middle of it.
So its probably best you didn't waste your time or your seeds.
I had such high hopes for a fall crop.
Oh, I did get a crop of sugar snap peas that I started late, but they didn't last either. After a couple of weeks, they were harvested and produced no more.
My early spring crops did great and I had a better summer crop this year, but as for trying my first fall crop....it was a bust.
I hope we all do better next year.


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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  Old Hippie on 9/1/2010, 1:20 am

You have a longer growing season than I do. I am in Canada in a Zone 3b and I am making my first attempt at a fall garden, even if it is just radishes. I will do lettuce in the cold frame and see what happens. If I had done my research sooner I would have started cauliflower and cabbage for a late season crop. Recently, I have been reading that you can plant carrots in the fall here for an earlier harvest next summer, although you do have to plant heavier to allow for a certain amount that you lose over the winter. And I am have planted garlic already for next year and will do onions as well, both seeds and sets.

I have a line on some free manure so as soon as I get back from my trip to visit my mom, I intend to make a hot bed to try a few things just to see what I can do. We don't usually have snow until at least the end of October and sometimes until the end of November so if the hot bed will stay above freezing, I should be able to have spinach and lettuce.

Best of luck to all of you with your fall and winter gardening.


Old Hippie
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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  Garden Angel on 9/1/2010, 1:03 pm

Looks good to me !
Hopefully I will get some fall stuff planted soon, I have been changing out the soil in my boxes and re-thinking and re-doing everything for sometime now it took longer than I thought and also once again I underestimated just how hard our soil is here! didn't think I needed my jack hammer and stick of dynamite this time but I did!! ha, anyway I got the poles in finally, so can I get to the SFG part now ?? ha. Glad to see someone else doing so well , it makes me think its all worth it , thanks for sharing !

Garden Angel

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Re: I started my fall crops today.

Post  Sponsored content Today at 5:07 am

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