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What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

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What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

Post  rjsehm6 on 8/12/2010, 12:37 pm

I am considering a number of areas for my box. There are a few preferred spots that get 6-8 hours but not all full sun. They will get occasional shade as well during those hours. There are other spots that just get beating hot sun the entire day. I am afraid it will be too hot and hurt more than help. The full sun spot is close to my house and I was told it is not wise to be close to stucco. Please advise. Thanks


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Re: What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

Post  boffer on 8/12/2010, 12:52 pm

@rjsehm6 wrote:What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

I did a comparison between two boxes this spring with cool crops. Both got the same fresh MM. One in full sun (if it was shining Sad), and the other in total shade. The shade box grew and produced at about 25% that of the sun box. It was a sad looking box 4 months after planting, and I tore everything out and composted it.

Your cool crops will do fine with 6-8 hrs of sun. Most of your warm season crops will too. I would definitely experiment with the hot spots you have by using sun screens and even shields between the plants and stucco.


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Re: What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

Post  donnainzone5 on 8/13/2010, 1:08 pm

I'd be surprised if the sunniest areas of my garden space get more than four hours' sunlight on a clear day. However, that light and heat are quite concentrated because of the surrounding three-story buildings.

Nevertheless, I grow tomatoes, beans, dill, etc. during the summer. This year, even a few squash have appeared. Although the produce is small in size and takes a long time to mature, I do manage. The only other issues are WPM and/or blight of some kind.

Cool season crops generally do well here. I'm in Sunset Zone 22, aka Zone 10.


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Re: What is the absolute minimum sun time a garden can get?

Post  Sponsored content Today at 9:18 am

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