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PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

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PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

Post  boffer on 9/1/2010, 10:37 pm


My garden is beautiful looking right now-if it was the middle of July. I've got a couple hundred squares finally growing that I'm not going to get any harvest from. Tomatoes, winter squash, corn, peppers, some cukes, and no zucchinis yet. C'mon, who can't grow zucchinis?

Just getting blossoms on some squashes.

I planted peas a couple weeks ago for a fall crop.

This is an indeterminate Brandywine growing down from a table top box. It has small green maters, but they have no chance of turning red.

Another Brandywine in a table top-growing up. There's five tomato plants in a row in five squares in 5 inches of Mel's Mix. I don't understand why people just can't believe it's possible.

I will get spaghetti squash; it's hard to believe there's only 2 plants there.

Only 20% of my corn seed germinated. I've got ears developing now, but it's a race against the calendar.

My only red tomatoes on 10 plants. And the deer ate one of them!

Well...it was my year for brassicas. This is the biggest cabbage I've grown. I had no cabbage moth problems this year.

Brussel sprouts.

Breakfast protein.

A lot of row gardeners in my area have plowed down their gardens already. They gave it up early so they could start dreaming about next year.


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Re: PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

Post  Lavender Debs on 9/2/2010, 8:49 am

I feel your tomato pain. After 10 days of vacation I came home to a mess of beans, a hand full of red siltz and one Oregon Spring tomato and not much else. My Brandywines are still looking like I will need to fry them with a cornmeal crust (green). Same with the black prince and the black plums. The persimmon is showing a few hopeful colors and one Cherokee purple is coloring out... the one that is all miss-shapen and scabby at the seams. The rest are just as green as can be.
I am getting a few peppers, much to my surprise!

It has been a terrific year for learning about greens, except for collards which got a few leaves then wilted away. The carrots look good, so do the beets. Somehow I never got my Brussels in. And my first year of fennel was awesome!

I do have a few zucchini but since I don't like them I didn't care. The sweet momma squash is a wash, the delicata is close behind it (one possible squash after being replanted three times and rotting in the mud). There will be no pumpkins. I don't see evidence of green cucumbers (at least not without gloves) but I can find the burrs of lemon cucumbers that still need more summer to size up.

I'll get the vacation pictures off of the camera and head out to the garden this morning (today-Thursday the 2nd-and tomorrow are supposed to be sort of nice.)

Deborah... who waved at the exit sign for Yelm on the way home.
Lavender Debs

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Post  trustinhart on 9/2/2010, 11:13 am

Boffer: I had never seen your TT's. They are awesome. !!! Guess what I'm going to try to convince DH to do over the winter? Sorry you won't have enough time to see it all to harvest.

Deb: Glad to see you back. Sounds like your SFGs went pretty well too.

Happy Fall Gardening!!

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Re: PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

Post  boffer on 9/2/2010, 11:39 am

@trustinhart wrote:Boffer: I had never seen your TT's.

Oh boy! (rubbing hands together) Somebody who doesn't know I'm into table tops...!

I added a couple more pics to my personal album this am.


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Re: PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

Post  martha on 9/2/2010, 12:04 pm

primodinner..... hungry

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Re: PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

Post  middlemamma on 9/2/2010, 1:30 pm

I feel your pain guys...I am a little east of you and had a little better luck...but certainly not much.

I got 1 zucke, 1 cuke, and lots of sweet 100 tomaoto, but not one slice tomato or any of the stuff I was really excited about. I decided beans are my friend...when everything else didnt work out I had tons and tons and tons of beans that helped eased my pain. AND THEY ARE STILL GROWING!!!

I WILL NOT BE discouraged....it was amazing to see things grow...I learned SO MUCH...next year is going to be SO wonderful. I am planning an arbor that I will grow hops on for the hubby.... Shocked, going to get an earlier start inside this coming spring! I have so much that I will do different...including adding 4 more boxes. Smile

Smile (((HUGS))) BOFFER AND LAVENDER. The wonderful thing is we have next year. Smile

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Re: PNW: It can't be September-we haven't had summer yet :(

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