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Little flies in my worm bin....

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Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  middlemamma on 10/4/2010, 5:55 pm

I know I read somewhere that if you get little fruit type flies in your worm bin there is a solution...and I for the life of me can't find it anywhere in my search. I am not putting large amounts of produce in at all...just a few peels here and there and I technically am not vermicomposting yet.

I couldnt afford a bulk purchase of worms so i just bought two little styrofoam containers at the bait shop and started a worm farm (cheapie styrofoam "house" for them to breed in) with the hopes that by spring I will have a much larger number of worms in which to do an actual worm bin.

In any case I am being overtaken by annoying gnat like flies....UGH!

Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  Megan on 10/4/2010, 6:07 pm

I'm not sure about the worm bin, but for the meantime, here are a few ideas:


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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  Garden Angel on 10/4/2010, 6:19 pm

Its ok, I have them too and although they can be annoying they are not harmful. I read that you can leave the lid off of the bin and let the bin get more air to dry out a bit , in my case , also if it is really wet in there chop up some paper towels and place them on top of the buried food to absorb the extra moisture , then put the coconut mat over everything and it cuts down on them, don't worry the worms won't go anywhere cause they don't like the light they will stay buried. I did this and with in a few days there were dead fruit flies all over. Just be careful you don't let the bin dry out too much the worms need the moisture but in my case in the triple digits it got too much condensation and attracted them. I read this info on Vermicoast.com , good luck ! glad to hear you are keeping worms !
Garden Angel

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Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  janefss2002 on 10/4/2010, 9:51 pm

Hi Middlemamma,

We have had a few flies in our bin (and house before bins) from time to time and here's some ideas we found that worked:

1) fruit flies in general-a small dish or small open jar with apple cider vinegar and water (about 9 parts to 1 part) with a splash of dish soap. This works great!

2) cover surface of the worm bin with thin layer of newspaper. When you remove the bin container lid, you can see the fruit flies and snab them, or like me, use the silly little computer vacuum cleaner I found we had. You can suck them up with the little vacuum without disturbing the bed below the papers.

So I use both methods, and they work. You can even set up the little jar traps near the bins. I try to keep my feeding spots in my bins covered with bedding or newspaper to keep the little flies out. Since I've been doing this, no more gnats or fruit flies in the worm bins.


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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  davidclubb on 11/14/2010, 3:18 pm

Fruit flies are attracted to compost high in Nitrogen (Carbon: Nitrogen ratio of 30:1). They way you can tell if you are high or low in carbon (C: N > or < 30:1) is to use a compost thermometer. If the core temperature of your compost pile (which should be 3' x 3' x 3') is lower than 100 degrees F, you are low in carbon and high in nitrogen. If your core temperature is high than 150 degrees F, then you are high in carbon. One common solution for flies is is to cover the Nitrogen (fruit, veggies and other edible) brown matter (leaves, aged grass), mix in the brown matter. If you would like additional information about composting, I can email the file to your address, because I have not figured how to upload my file to this forum yet.

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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  davidclubb on 11/14/2010, 3:37 pm

Hey Jennie! Here's some information on composting. It is a very simplified and thorough explanation of composting, which is quite a complicated discipline within itself. http://www.compostinfo.com/tutorial/ElementOfComposting.htm I hope you find the answers you need. While reading through the tutorial, I copied the info to a file, and even included links to the glossary. The actual file is 45 pages in length.

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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  davidclubb on 11/14/2010, 3:43 pm

By the way! The actual tutorial is only about 16 pages. The remainder of 45 has supplemental information that relates to the topic. You can build your own composting system near the back of you property, where your conventional garden would have been located.

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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

Post  camprn on 11/14/2010, 4:12 pm

I just have a rubbermaid type tote bin, about 10 inches tall. I cut a 4X10 in hole in the top and duct taped a small piece of fine mesh screen to the inside of the top. It's working pretty well, my little worms are happy, no flies in the house. Very Happy

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Re: Little flies in my worm bin....

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