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December's non-progress report

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December's non-progress report

Post  LaFee on 12/6/2010, 12:20 pm

So...the first snowfall fell here the last week of November, which is strange enough, but it STUCK, which is all but unheard of this early in the season here. It had been 10C/50F the week before, so everyone was pretty surprised that the ground was actually cold enough that the snow would stick instead of melting as it fell.

It hasn't stopped yet! We have barely nudged above freezing a few times in the last two weeks, with a constant parade of rain/sleet/snow/unidentified semi-frozen precipitation since..so we don't have much on the ground any more, but it's still COLD!

Thus my garden progress is more a story of what I have NOT done -- can't rake leaves (they're either sodden and too heavy to rake, or buried in the snow), can't plant, can't do much of anything except press my nose against the frosty window panes and wish the weather was warmer. The nasturtiums that were threatening to take over entire front garden from their traditional bed are now pathetic, hanging limp and lifeless over the stone wall.

I have a few little lettuce, making sloooooow growth under my vinyl greenhouse, but that is ALL I have to offer.

So now it's waiting for the catalogs to show up...and planning for Christmas and New Year's.


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Re: December's non-progress report

Post  happyfrog on 12/6/2010, 1:09 pm

yep, similar boat here. snow covering the boxes so i can't get to them. Sad

i DID discover that spring grown swiss chard is NOT winter hardy, though. which bites - i now have soggy limp, dying looking squares of swiss chard that i truly thought i could harvest from all winter.

hoping we both get a few days of warmer temps so we can finish up our garden 'tasks'!

it's currently 29*F; -1*C at 1pm my time. . . so not looking too warm right now.


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