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Pennsylvania Hellos!

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Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  slewi on 12/7/2010, 1:48 pm

Hi folks! Just joined the forum, looking forward to reading all the posts and learning all I can before the season gets here.

I have had SFG's with varying success in the past, and this past year I did not have a garden at all. We just bought our house in April, and the summer was busy with lots of little chores, and gardening wasn't on my list of things to do. But I did realize how much I missed it, and cant wait to get going.

I bought the new edition of the SFG book and was amazed at all the new info, which I am still digesting. I'm all set to get planning it out and gathering my supplies. I'll start a thread with my preparations to keep you all updated. Looking forward to reading your comments.

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  camprn on 12/7/2010, 1:54 pm

to the SFG Forum!!! Congratulations on your new house! It's almost time for the deep winter rest and planning sessions! Very Happy


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  Furbalsmom on 12/7/2010, 4:00 pm

Welcome Slewi. Great to have you with us. I know you will enjoy SFG even more, now that you have your NEW SFG Book. The changes have made gardening so much easier.

We look forward to hearing from you as you plan and implement your new SFG. By the way, we LOVE pictures. glad you\'re here


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  happyfrog on 12/7/2010, 5:07 pm

hi!!! so glad you found the sfg forums! i used to live in pa and actually still have many family members living there.

enjoy reading your seed catalogs, dreaming of spring while drinking your white birch beer soda.. . yum.

the new book makes gardening even easier! recruit teens (either yours or neighborhood) to help mix up the soil to make it even faster for your boxes to happen in the spring.

look forward to hearing about your dreams and successes with gardens!

i always enjoy learning from experienced gardeners - no matter the previous methods.


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  sfg4uKim on 12/8/2010, 12:15 pm

Welcome slewi from your "neighbor" in Maryland.



I have seen women looking at jewelry ads with a misty eye and one hand resting on the heart, and I only know what they're feeling because that's how I read the seed catalogs in January - Barbara Kingsolver - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  Chopper on 12/8/2010, 10:17 pm

I used to live in PA - Main Line - very pretty. It used to have the rare treat of four 3 month long seasons. I am sure you will love it here.


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Post  ander217 on 12/9/2010, 7:10 am

Welcome to the forum, Slewi. I also have Mel's original book, but I'm glad I received the new one as a gift. It does have a lot of updated material.

I look forward to seeing your prep thread.

glad you\'re here


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  slewi on 12/10/2010, 3:47 pm

Thanks for all of the well wishes! Looking forward to posting and getting involved here at the forum. And don;t you worry furbalsmom, I love pictures too! I am a photographer, so my posts will most likely be photo-heavy! You have been warned!


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  Furbalsmom on 12/10/2010, 4:17 pm

OK, Slewi, we are ready for your photos! Wink


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Re: Pennsylvania Hellos!

Post  Sponsored content Today at 3:49 am

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