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January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

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January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

Post  elliephant on 1/25/2011, 11:42 am

Took these pictures last week, but finally getting a chance to post them.

Mostly broccoli (haven't had nearly as much success with cauliflower as broccoli for some reason), some lettuce, and a square of Swiss Chard.

I *think* this is Salad Bowl (anyone know for sure?). In another square I broadcast seeded it and have cut leaves regularly, but in this square just 2 seeds came up and I grew both to this size. This picture is right after I cut the first one (and had a delicious lunch!)

Bibb lettuce for DH's "German Green Salad" that he grew up eating (red wine vinegar/oil/red onion/salt/pepper dressing) His grandmother was a post-WWII Army bride from Germany and always made this.

Swiss Chard...just beautiful, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to try it Laughing Put that broken stalk in my freezer bag of stock-making veggies after I took the picture. A bright yellow one is coming along nicely behind it (Bright Lights seed packet)

My first head of broccoli! Started from seed back around the 1st of October. It's taken forever, but was SO worth it! I cut the head after the picture and left the plant in for side shoots. I'm excited for all the broccoli (and a few cauliflower) plants I've got going right now. Hopefully they'll all finish up before the hot weather hits. It's so cool to see such big plants grow from a tiny seed. Last year I put one broccoli and one cauliflower plant (from a big box store) in around the first of Feb and they were ready in April just as it was getting too hot.

I was surprised that the peas were the most affected by the "cold spell" we had (got as low as 37 one night and in the low 40s during the day for a few days in a row). Wherever there were blossoms they not only shriveled and died, but the whole offshoot they were on did, too. Starting to bounce back now, though.
Both of those lettuce sections were broadcast sown and I've been doing the "cut and come again" thing for a couple of months now.

My one remaining tomato plant. This came from a big box store last spring. I planted it alongside several other tomatoes and got a tomato jungle that I ripped out in June. Saved a cutting, rooted it indoors, put it out in the fall, then finally transplanted it to this box because it was being overrun by a Poona Kheera in it's first location. Anyway, the parent plant was part of a jungle, so it hasn't been until now that I realize it's definitely not indeterminate. Maybe semi-determinate. Plenty of room for it right now, anyway. Lettuce just starting to sprout in the front row of that box. Figure that'll be my last planting of lettuce before the warm weather.

Kids growing like weeds.

My patio peppers, planted from a mixed sweet pepper packet. Took these inside for a few days during the cold spell.

Waiting for them to turn as the green ones are 3/$1 in the grocery store, so I try to wait for mine.

First one turning red! "Horn of the bull" Corno di Toro

Self-watering pot I made from 2 $1 2.5 gallon buckets from Dollar tree. Not entirely happy with it, as the reservoir isn't as large as I would like. Might just drill holes in the bottom of the others and use them as regular pots.

Thanks for letting me ramble on about my garden! A few more weeks and spring planting will be in full swing! My windowsills are FULL of tomato and pepper sprouts! bounce


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Re: January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

Post  kimbertangleknot on 1/25/2011, 12:08 pm

Everything looks so healthy and GREEN. I love the fall and winter because it's dreary outside (puts me in a good mood, I love dreary) but I do wish that there was more green. That chard looks like it should be in a catalog picture for seeds, it's gorgeous. If I liked more than iceburg, and my hubby liked more than romaine, I'd grow all the lettuce you do, it looks so gosh darn good.

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Re: January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

Post  Ha-v-v on 1/25/2011, 12:09 pm

Thanks for letting me ramble on about my garden! A few more weeks and spring planting will be in full swing! My windowsills are FULL of tomato and pepper sprouts!
Thank you for sharing !!! It is nice to see the fun you are having. Your two legged weeds are just adorable. They like where they are planted. Keep sharing, its an encouragement to me Smile

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Re: January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

Post  Rolanaj on 1/25/2011, 12:43 pm

Thanks for sharing the pics, I love Swiss Chard so now my mouth is watering, it does not taste near as good from the grocery store though. My whole yard is covered with a foot or more of snow so I love all the pictures people post on here, I'm in garden withdrawal I think. I think I can start seeds soon though.

@ Ha-v-v never heard the expression two legged weeds before, I rather like it.


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Re: January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

Post  jkahn2eb on 1/25/2011, 1:08 pm

So those are the Dollar Tree "pots". Very cool.

I'm jealous of the start you got on your broccoli. I hope mine produces before the AZ summer heat starts. The seeds were planted about two weeks ago.

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Re: January 2011 South Texas Garden pics

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