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Howdy from NE TX

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Howdy from NE TX

Post  FarmerValerie on 1/29/2011, 2:47 pm

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello from my corner of the world. As for the profile picture, yes that is a working tractor, it belongs to my father in law, and my husband has his own part of our garden he gets to plow, till, or what ever he wants. It keeps him happy, and me as well, as it keeps him out of my part of the garden,which is in boxes or beds which ever you prefer.

We've been gardening off and on for a few years now, last year was our first with the SFG method, and I loved it, but had to stop due to a back injury (I could not go further than the couch), and lost most of it all to bugs. The tomatoes, southern peas, and peppers survived. I had to use what we had on hand, landscape timbers, and the dirt God provided including rocks, but my husband just pulled up with a trailer full of what is called mulch around here, too me it looks like black gold. So I'll be digging out the junk dirt currently in the boxes and filling them with this, hoping to add to it as I go. I've managed to sell my husband on the idea of SFG, but due to finances we are still using what we have on hand for now, adding raised beds and Mel's Mix as we can. I hope to start building boxes soon, with hardware cloth on the bottom, and weed block underneath too, so I can build chicken & rabbit tractors when we get chickens & rabbits (when my husband gets a round tuit).

We've been together 26 years, have 4 kids (2 grown-one of which is still here, and 2 under 18) and 2 grandsons, my oldest comes over every other weekend, gardening with him is the highlight of my life. In fact he is waiting for me to empty that trailer of dirt, better go.

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Re: Howdy from NE TX

Post  elliephant on 1/29/2011, 3:25 pm

glad you\'re here When I was growing up my mom had a wooden circle on the wall that said TUIT. I was a teenager before I found out what it meant! rofl


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Post  ander217 on 1/30/2011, 8:38 am

Welcome to the forum, Valerie. My husband reads the forum, too, and he'll love your tractor. He used to drive A, B, and 720 John Deeres way back in our early days of farming.

We also row-gardened for many years and decided to try SFG for the first time last year, leaving half the garden row-style and building SFG boxes and raised beds on the other half. By the end of summer the entire garden was converted to raised beds and boxes, and as time and finances permit several of the raised beds will be converted to SFG boxes. Hubby still likes some raised beds. (I think he never got over that boy-thing of digging in the dirt.) He reserves those for larger crops such as corn, okra, big watermelons, and sweet potatoes. But he has come around to the idea of the boxes, and we have plans to build a few more this spring.

Keep us posted on how your garden grows. We love seeing photos.

glad you\'re here

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Re: Howdy from NE TX

Post  FarmerValerie on 1/30/2011, 9:08 am

ander217 wrote:

Keep us posted on how your garden grows. We love seeing photos.

glad you\'re here

I do have some pictures on my blog. They are actually a digital scrapbook. I ran across this thing last year, and use it for my garden, oh and family too. It is free to download and free to use so you can share it. If you want to print the calendars or burn the show/card to dvd you can pay by month or year. I have been using the free version just fine. This year though I am doing a calendar, posting pictures each month from the garden, and making small notations on the dates of what we did. I'll pay to have that printed out at the end of the year for a keepsake, and for notes on my garden for future reference. If you have time, hop on over to my blog and see what we had last year, before a back injury sidelined my gardening and the squash bugs took over....http://rocksinmygarden.blogspot.com/2011/01/2010-garden.html

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Re: Howdy from NE TX

Post  quiltbea on 1/30/2011, 10:15 am

Welcome to the group. I see you've made great inroads with your SFG.
I added your blog to my favorites so I can check in from time to time to see what you're up to.
Enjoy this spring.

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Re: Howdy from NE TX

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