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3 minute collards

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  RoOsTeR on 12/4/2011, 6:15 pm

I'ma sthlobberin mess lol!

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  Too Tall Tomatoes on 12/4/2011, 10:25 pm

sherryeo wrote:Oh, rOoStEr, I love my greens with hot pepper sauce sprinkled over them! Yuuummm, with buttered buttermilk cornbread - heaven!

Collard greens cooked with ham hocks and vinegar.

(handing Rooster a napkin)
Too Tall Tomatoes

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  sherryeo on 12/4/2011, 11:15 pm

Oh, yea, 3T, my Thanksgiving collards were cooked with ham hocks - very tasty. I usually sprinkle the hot pepper sauce (which is really just hot peppers soaked in vinegar to flavor the vinegar & give it a little heat - do other regions use that or is it mostly a southern thing?) on top of my serving in case others don't like it. I remember, I think, a while back seeing a thread about making it.

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  plantoid on 12/5/2011, 8:10 am

sherryeo wrote:Now you went & made me hungry, plantoid! Collards are thicker-leaved than most greens. They do have a shinier, almost leathery look to them when they're cooked less than falling-apart tender. And the stems are thick and would be tough left on. But mercy they're good!

Do you guys not have collards in the UK?

I have a beef roast in the oven right now with some turnips and small new potatoes (the 'taters were store-bought) roasting. I wish I'd had carrots to put with them, but I checked & my garden carrots are still tiny. But I'm happy they're making any sized carrots at all, since last time I tried I only got carrot tops!

Not as such , the gentle temperate climate & rainfall ( normally about 38 inches here per year ) allows us to grow some 60 different types of cabbage family from delicate spring greens that turn to almost boiled spinach consistancy right up to the leathery kale that is normall fed to cattle as winter feed stuff .
In the occasional years when it does rise into the mid 90 o F or more for a few weeks of the year you hear the farmers and gardeners moaning that their veg are suffering.

Personally I just love the cattle feed kale as it has a dark colour and a taste to match.
It also has the big plus of not being eaten by our cabbage white butterfly caterpillairs as it is not high in sugars nor does it normally suffer from cabbage root fly maggot attacks. whereas the rest of the cabbages do suffer horribly from both pests.

Keep the carrots watered so you don't get a check in their growth .

In the unusually hot summer of 1976 ( almost 100 o F when it got hot in early April and lasted till the November ) ,I had a badly torn left mendial cartiledge ( sp ) removed by the knife method .
For the month of May whilst at home I had to have a bath twice every day and then get the wound treated as it was not healing well due to the heat .

I broke into the waste bath water piping and with the help of some pals ran it into a big 80 gallon wat4r tank outside the back door .
Every evening just before sunset I religiously watered the whole garden with a kiddies watering can as part of my rehab to get me walking properly again .

I had carrots over nine inches long .... every one else had two inch nails , My lettuce were enough for six peolle at a sitting every one else needed six lettuce per person . It was much the same for the rest of the garden .

Someone put the bubble in on me and complained that I was using water to water my garden whilst there was a hose pipe ban and drought restrictions in place . Along came all, sorts of enforcers and a policeman only to leave with carrots and lettuce etc in both hands once they saw what I was up to and why .

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  quiltbea on 3/26/2012, 6:21 pm

I want to try collards before growing them in my garden. I bought some at the grocer's today so thanks for the recipes. I'll make some tomorrow and then decide if they are on my list for the spring garden. I hope so since I saw organic seeds at one of the stores and bought a packet.

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Re: 3 minute collards

Post  Sponsored content

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