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Hello from Dixie!

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Hello from Dixie!

Post  growinglife on 3/21/2010, 8:20 pm

This is my second year of doing SFG, and love how easy it is! I'm so excited to be expanding to more than one box this year. The first day of spring here in Alabama was beautiful and yielded some carrots from our fall planting. Can't wait to see what all I can learn from everyone here!


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Re: Hello from Dixie!

Post  WardinWake on 3/21/2010, 8:44 pm


A royal gritsandgravey welcome to our newest forum member. We are tickled pink to have you here. Pray tell what did you plant last year that was a success and what did you plant that you wished had done better?
And from a 'lessons learned' basis what do you wish you had done differently then you did and will you incorporate those changes into this years garden?

God Bless, Ward.

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Re: Hello from Dixie!

Post  timwardell on 3/21/2010, 9:10 pm

Welcome. 2nd year?! That means you're now qualified to give advice. Very Happy Welcome to the Forum. I agree, with Ward... tell us about your experience last year.


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What I've done so far

Post  growinglife on 3/22/2010, 12:19 pm

Last year, I constructed my first box, and filled it with Mel's mix. That whole process I blogged about at www.plantingseedsgrowinglife.blogspot.com

I planted several things which did wonderfully:
Atchison tomatoes, three plants, one per square.
Ghostbuster eggplant, one plant, one square
Lemon cucumbers, two plants, one square
Sweet basil, whole packet of seeds, one square
Tendergreen Improved beans, two plants, one square
Purple Ruffle basil, all about the garden (love this one!)
Thyme in three different places
Stevia (love this one!)

I planted some things that did okay:
Straightneck yellow summer squash, two plants, one square
Danvers Half Long carrots
Long Imperator carrots
Blue Lake stringless beans, two plants, one square
Mophead Marigolds, all around base of tomatoes to repel pests

The ones I planted that didn't do so well:
Green Bell pepper, three plants, one square
Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid Yellow corn, four plants, one square
Ruby Queen Red corn, four plants, one square

The ones that did nothing at all!:
Burpee Golden beets
Snowball cauliflower
Black Beauty eggplant
Red Poppies
Early Yellow Crookneck squash
Waltham Butternut squash

I learned a lot over the winter, like not to put corn and tomatoes right next to each other, oops! And how onion helps a lot of plants.
My plan for this year is to do:
Thyme (its a perennial here)
Rosemary (its also a perennial here, but I will add more of the hedge type)
Parsley (already sowed seed)
Stevia (also a perennial here)
Sweet Basil
Purple Ruffle basil
Leaf lettuce
White Lisbon Bunching onions (already sowed 1st crop of seed)
same two kinds of carrots (already sowed 1st crop of seed)
Red Bell peppers
Green Bell peppers
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Atchison Tomatoes
same two kinds of corn (but in a different place!)
Lots of Straightneck Summer squash

As to what I'll do differently this year:
plant more tomatoes. I canned five pints and gave away a lot, but I want to can more and eat more this year, too!
my tomato frames will have to have new netting this year, since I've used them for about five years now. I attempted to do SFG five years ago, but only got as far as tomatoes and the trellis frames.
I hope to also add at least one more box
And my compost, ugh! My husband bought me one of those compost barrels that you spin around. Plus we had three others going in wire cages. Two of those did great, but the third bin and the barrel never did like they were supposed to. Hopefully I will figure out what went wrong!

Thank you for the interest, but although this is my second year, I still have lots and lots to learn! My grandparents and dad have been able to offer some advice, but they are stauch row gardeners and thought I was crazy to attempt SFG. My grandfather bought a lot of Atchison tomatoes and shared them with the family. Out of the five people growing them, only my three produced large tomatoes and so frequently that I shared them, with my grandfather of course! lol


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Post  dixie on 3/22/2010, 12:36 pm

Hi & welcome from Dixie! I just joined, but you will love this place.


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Re: Hello from Dixie!

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