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The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

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The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

Post  CarolynPhillips on 4/21/2011, 10:18 pm

I ordered the Amish Cedar 4x4 sfg and it was so pretty and smelt so good that it took
me two weeks to talk myself into letting soil touch it.
I thought about saving it and making shelves in my new house===but the currant need of growing some veggies took over. It has been touched by soil.


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Re: The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

Post  Old Hippie on 4/21/2011, 10:34 pm

Way to go. It is hard to do sometimes.

You can always get more cedar shelves.

Nice to see you. Been missing you. How's things.


Old Hippie
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Re: The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

Post  CarolynPhillips on 4/21/2011, 11:12 pm

ug= the storms==they are awful this year.
a few damages around here. I know we didn't loose a home in a tornado==and we didn't die and I am grateful for that and I do feel so sorry for those who have lost so much.
I have complaints and damages but none compare to others.
Damages are minor around here.

We have almost completed the floor frame on our house= working between many storms.
The block columns whooped my behind. Hubby hates leveling blocks and it takes him forever.
I would push him to the side and do it myself. You know how some can level something just by
looking at and some can't? I can come real close. =that was for the loose columns. Half of the columns were concreted =mortared = and anchored to the floor frame= rat seal thingy every
16 ft.

Everything around here is a total mess. The really bad storms keep blowing everything around==blowing my nicely stacked messes all over the place. I now call it a pig sty.

Storms ruined many tomato plants. I savaged some.
One night we had a heavy frost ==but it was heavy dew too===and all the outdoor tomato
plants survived== actually all the plants survived. I was in shock. I truely think that if we
had not had a heavy dew==most would of been lost. The weather channel didn't give temps at freezing for that night=-===I went to bed thinking everything would be ok.

I had some 25 gallon pots of soil sitting near a carport along with a truck bed liner of compost near the carport and the gusty winds picked up the carport==moved it only 4 ft and landed on top of the pots and the compost pile.-bed liner. That was interesting.

I had planted a 4x4 with corn and radishes. I know its not traditional, but I planted one corn seed every ft==16 in that one bed. To make things interesting, I planted radish seeds in the line of my squares--- so each corn was surrounded with radish grid. It rained and rained and rained hard forever and I just knew it washed up all my seeds and was going to have radishes in all sorts of places--------but no---everything germinated and came up in its right place.

Another 4x4 bed was planted with corn ---transplants. Debris landed on the bed and broke about half the plants. Against my whole being---I had to replace the broken corn with corn seed and they have all germinated. One side of the bed is 2 weeks older than other side. Oh twell.

So much goin on all over the place---i would be here all night giving a verbal update.

Soooooooo- How are you?


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Re: The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

Post  Old Hippie on 4/22/2011, 12:12 am

Ummm......I guess I am fine. No pestilence. No tornadoes. Little snow flurries now and then. DH has a cold. Didn't get to go visit the new grand baby like we had hoped but there is always next long weekend in May.

Okay, I am not being sarcastic. HONEST! I have been amazed at what so many of you are going through. I am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for.

I was actually able to get some carrots planted for carrot week. I have one or two small snowbanks still in my yard, but other than that my yard is almost free of snow. Things at work have taken a bit of an ugly turn but nothing that can't be weathered with a bit of stubbornness. Glad you are okay. It makes me sad to hear how many people are suffering from flood damage and so on.

It is good to see you here. Sending warm thoughts your way.


Old Hippie
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Re: The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

Post  Furbalsmom on 4/22/2011, 1:23 am

Carolyn, glad to see you back.

Sorry about the weather down your way. Sad to hear all the damage throughout the East. Glad you are well even if things were a bit wonky.

Take care, and keep in touch!


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Re: The Amish 4x4 Cedar sfg

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