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Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

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Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  shannon1 on 4/30/2011, 3:09 am

As some might know from past posts my kind brother agreed to build a SFG box as a birthday gift to me. What a nice guy. We had built boxes in the past so he thought he knew what he was undertaking.
The plan was frought with set backs from the begining. I chose the best spot, sun exposure wise, in the yard and asked my land lord to approve my garden only to learn he was planning to hook us up to city sewer this summer and they would need to dig right through the area I chose. So I started a vegie container garden instead thinking I would wait for what I came to call "my real garden".
My dear mother gave me the new book and other gardening things as a gifts. After reading it I had the idea we could build a TT SFG Cool it would much easier for me to care for and we could move it. My neighbor had the great idea that I could locate it in my second parking spot since it is rarely used anyway. Plan "B" was born.
I set about mixing the MM only to find the bag of corse vermiculite I special ordered was in fact fine but since I read others have had this problem and money was low I mixed it with my compost and peat anyway deciding to add real corse grade stuff in future.
Kevin (DB) and I went to home depot to get supplies and found they would not cut the plywood for us. OK, Kevin took it in stride and rented their truck to transport the wood. I was a bee with an itch that day, I think it was about the birthday and getting closer to the big five oh. I had Kevin read the section on box construction in the new book even though he already knew what he was doing . Much to my dismay he opted not to drill holes and just screwed the sides together it was h-o-t-t, hot so we called it a day. Upon his return, we discovered every screw cracked the wood. Then to my delite he said he would dill holes before drilling this time. After drilling the first two pilot holes his drill bit broke.
Kevin got a new bit and came back a few days latter to finish. Soon the drill started to smoke. Off my intreped brother went to get his other drill he found it alright but no chuck key it took him days to hunt one down that fit.
The next visit all was going well, sides together, afixed to plywood bottom, drainage holes drilled, up on legs, srceen in bottom to keep MM from falling through extra big drainage holes, hoops installed,and cages nailed to bottom on the north side. After what we had been through there was no trellis, but next year I will remove cages and install a shorty trellis. Once again it had grown late and my brother went home for the night.
I went about the task of installing the MM and wetting in layers. I had procured corse vermiculite and more compost to mix in as not only did the org. mix have fine viermiculite, but due to not measuring the peat volume damp there was too much (as often happens, so I have read). In with the MM wetted it down, in with vermiculite, more water, compost more water, mix together by hand up to my elbows in mix, repeat. It went on like that until the last bag of compost which I found out the hard way, was infested with fire ants Sad the pain. So now I flooded the box and am happy to report the ants had gone. I think they saw my handy shaker of cinnamon Laughing . After it had stopped dripping I went throught with my hands for one final mix /fluff.
The next morning Kevin returned to help me with the grid (we only had to adjust one nail) and cover the box with my much beloved super light insect barrier. The plan was to use ahesive backed hook and latch around the outside of the box to keep it in place, we even nailed the one side to the box as well. Even though my dear mother had gotten me the largest size avalible it was not wide enough. So we measured out the two pieces I had to put together and Kevin went home to his DW while I got some rest.
The next morning I went about looking for fabric glue. None was to be found, but I did get the idea to use sticky back mounting squares to stick it together. It seemed to work great until I relized I had joined the wrong to sides . I fixed my mistake. Kevin arrived and we got it on and stuck it the velcro It looked great. My neighbor came out to tell us a thunder storm was on it's way and didn't we want to wait until after it was over to cover the garden. I explained the cover would be on all season and it would be a good test to make sure it would stick. Then she said that dreaded word Hail! They were predicting hail. Say it with me in a sounthern accent OH, HAIL!! We were spared.
It held up nicely, until today the wind tried to tear it back into two peices so tomorrow after work I will sew it together like I should have in the begining. Did I say the velcro is not sticking to the floating row cover?
All's well that ends well, and I am sure by this time tomorrow it will be done.
I think I have the best brother in the world. Kevin . I will post pic that make it look like it was done in an afternoon rather than 3wks.

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  fiddleman on 4/30/2011, 5:54 am

Great story! I was wondering if you happened to know a guy named Murphy... lol!
Looking forward to seeing the new garden!


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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  dizzygardener on 4/30/2011, 8:30 am

BIG hug

Awww! Bless your heart. That does sound like the most difficult SFG box EVAH! But. let's hope that when it comes to growing your veggies you have many few complications.

I bet you are DB feel a bit like this--> uphill and win

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  Old Hippie on 4/30/2011, 9:06 am

Shannon, I am amazed at your courage and willingness to see this through to the end. There are times when it seems that everything we touch just turns to garbage. Bless your heart for hanging in there. And your brother!! He is awesome.

I know it is early in the morning, at least where I am but I am raising a glass to you and your brother and to your successful SFG!

Old Hippie
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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  Lavender Debs on 4/30/2011, 10:44 am

What Gwynn said.....and I am sure that this is why we have bath tubs, hot water, good music and wine.

Debs.....singing Annie's song for you (the sun will come out tomorrow..... )
Lavender Debs

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  jthreadsmith1 on 4/30/2011, 11:00 am

Shannon1--I can really relate to your tale of woes. I thought I would never get everything put together correctly and ready to go. My DH took it upon himself to build me 3 new SFGs to add to 2 from last year. It took soooo long for him to finish; but what could I say?--he was doing his best to fit the job in between lots of other obligations. Also, like you, we ran into one problem after another. But the silver lining is, when you finally set out your plants or see the first seedling pop out of the beautiful Mel's mix, you will feel even more proud and appreciate it even more than you would have if everything had been easy!


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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  Furbalsmom on 4/30/2011, 12:38 pm

So proud of you that you continued to persevere thru the frustrations. cheers
Bless your DB for all his help.
You will be so Very Happy with your table top. And the idea of using your second parking spot is just amazing.
TT's make my life much easier as I cannot garden on the ground without help getting back up (not a pretty sight)
Containers are great, but your table top will be wonderful. Keep on plugging along, and keep us updated.

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  shannon1 on 4/30/2011, 11:49 pm

I love my garden, thank you all for your nice comments. My brother is the one who deserves the most praise. I thought it was kind of funny after a while it was like ok what will be next? Kevin bless his heart apologized for it taking so long. I just smiled a replied "That's ok next years box will go much quicker." You should have seem his face. I hope my saga put a smile on your faces.

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  acara on 5/1/2011, 8:25 am

It will all be forgiven & forgotten, once you give him some yum-yums out of your SFG box Very Happy

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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

Post  Barkie on 5/1/2011, 9:44 am

Certainly did put a smile on my physog. You can tell Kevin from me he's done good. So did you.

When's the barbecue?


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Re: Saga of the most difficult SGF in history

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