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SFG: The Movement!

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SFG: The Movement!

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on 5/11/2011, 10:56 pm

Ok, folks. This thing is really starting to take off...

It's like a quote from the book....SFG is a movement. I have my neighbor across the street building his garden as we speak. He bought his wood this weekend after talking to me about his "drainage" problem. He asked me if I knew anything about raised beds...lol. We chatted over a couple beers and he's hooked. He read my book and is on his way. And, his wife is already companion planting with MY garden in hopes of combining harvests between the houses (obviously, they were already good friends).

Another neighbor down the street came over today so her daughter could play with our kids on the backyard slip'n'slide (yes, it was 90F). She immediately asked to see the garden and kept repeating how impressed she was. She's an engineer by trade, so the grid really caught her eye. I explained, very mathematically, that we cut down the work by 80%, the space by another 80, and the water by at least 50%. She's wanting to talk and learn more now, too. She just kept asking questions.

I have a neighbor in his 80s suddenly inspired. He has talked of his tomatoes, but hasn't "had the energy" for several years. I saw him turning his old beds this spring. And, recently, I saw him sneak out with a few transplants.

I cut grass for a living, and on my route, I noticed a new client put out two "kit" beds. They aren't doing MM, so they haven't read the book. But, if you don't think I won't look for the opportunity to ask a couple of "baited" questions when I get the chance, you're absolutely nuts. If given the chance, I'll convert them by accident.

It's a movement! People are figuring it out. Rising gas prices, rising food costs, layoffs/downsizings leading to a self-sufficient mindset again, and the busy as heck with kids demographic is all adding together to create a perfect storm for SFG.

Most of you are hobbyists. That's fine. I'm a capitalist, though. I am ALWAYS looking for opportunity to knock on my door. Folks, this could be one. Position yourself accordingly. Grab your certification. Learn to teach and talk up the method. Practice what you preach. Get the knowledge side under your belt now.....get ahead of the curve.

Remember, BabyBoomers CREATED industries. Gerber baby food was the first industry to explode. Their sales went from 50k jars per year in the 30's to millions by the 50's. Huggies and Pampers came along shortly afterwards. Where did teens go in the 60's? McDonalds positioned itself and exploded. Colleges and universities had record enrollments in the 70's. Guess what created our credit crunch and retirement planning industries? Yup, blame the BabyBoomers for that, too. That generation has absolutely revolutionized the world in which we live. Next is healthcare. Hospitals are adding wings to keep up with the demand. And, yes, in a short time, funeral parlors will be on every street corner. The industry is already preparing for the space problem they will have with creative concepts....even creative funeral "celebrations."

I am telling you now to get prepared. If you are an opportunist, this could be a great one for you. Put the knowledge in your back pocket, and if need be, you may find a way to use it someday when you never thought you would. But, if you are a capitalist, FIND the way to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of it.

Opportunity knocks on your door about twice in your life. I don't know about you, but I don't remember if I saw my first one. I don't want this to be the second one....and miss/ignore it.

It's a movement. Be ready!

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Re: SFG: The Movement!

Post  Aub on 5/11/2011, 11:14 pm

I have more than a few clients that are on board after talking about it so much. And my neighbor put a few beds in. I have thought about getting a few more copies of the book to put on the tables in my salon waiting area and to loan out.
I love telling people about it and helping them get their SFG's started!

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