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Beagle issues

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Beagle issues

Post  BEANER on Tue 24 May - 1:48

Why is it that every time I plant my carrot seeds our Beagle finds some way into the garden and diggs up that square? Mad Mad I finally saw how he got in, he just pushed over the fence with his weight and then the fence would pop back up leaving no trace of the break in. I have just put in stronger poles. Now I wonder how high he will be able to jump because my fence is 3ft tall and when he stands on his back legs his head is over the fence. This is my first garden and I don't want anymore setbacks.


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Re: Beagle issues

Post  Furbalsmom on Tue 24 May - 2:48

Poor Beaner, wish I had a solution for you. Dogs and kids just want to help. Laughing

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Re: Beagle issues

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on Tue 24 May - 9:09

I agree it's frustrating. Maybe a "lid" over the top?

I have a chipmunk getting into my garden. He digs up every freshly planted square of beans I am trying to put in for summer. And, today, he tried to dig next to a cucumber start.

I'll get him. He's just being a little smarter than me at the moment. You'll get your beagle, too.

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Re: Beagle issues

Post  Ha-v-v on Tue 24 May - 9:35

Try cayenne Pepper, red pepper flakes. I put those in the spots our beagle likes to leave the property from. Daisy the beagle teaches the other dogs how to leave. Smile They also sell repellants at the stores I saw in walmart yesterday. I wonder what it is about the carrots Smile I love my beagle.

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Re: Beagle issues

Post  sfg4uKim on Tue 24 May - 9:50

I feel your pain beaner. Not too long ago I posted one called something like "Bad Dog" with the adventures of Sophie (my bad Beagle girl) She especially likes tomatoes. I can't get TOO mad at her though. Once I was feeding her cherry tomatoes & she put one in the ground which resulted in 5 seedlings the next year.

My boy Beagle, Scout, is much more well mannered. He only goes into the SFG bed because of sheer dumb luck.

Here's something I used to keep them out which really worked for me:

It's called Garden Commander (www.gardencommander.com).

I had to take them off though when everything got too big, but by then the Beagles weren't as much of a problem.


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Re: Beagle issues

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