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C'mon, people, get off your.....

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C'mon, people, get off your.....

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on 5/26/2011, 9:21 am

That's right, I said it. I will say it again someday, too. NOTHING irks me more than people sitting around gritching and moaning about what they can't do and what they don't have. Most of the time, imo, it's bunk. YOU can always do something about your situation. YOU have the control. YOU make the decisions. Where you are in your life starts and ends with YOU!

Now, some of us are happy with that. And, that is great! You are getting out of your life exactly what you put in and you are happy. I commend you. I put myself in your category. I am not rich. I don't own that helicopter from which I commute to work from my roof. I don't play Pebble Beach Golf Links twice a week.....and I certainly don't own real estate on the 18th hole. But, I'm happy. What I'm writing is NOT for you.

Then, there is the other group of people. The ones that wish things were better. Some of them are just PITAs that will never stop complaining.....and we all know people like this. What I'm writing isn't for them, either.

There, however, is the other group. Those that truly want more. Those that aren't satisfied with their position. Those that have been knocked down and want to get back up. They just don't know how. They would if someone would only show them a path to pursue. Well, YOU are the person I am looking to inspire this morning. You are the person I want to take advantage of something.

I just read a thread about "lightbulbs." It gave me an idea that can add to what I do and has the potential to add a little more to the bottom line. Many people don't think this way, but they should. The implementation is minimal because I already work in a business that has access to the resources. You likely work in a business that would allow you to expand on your resources if you only felt you had the time or know-how. I'm hear to tell you that you do have the know-how, you just have to act on it.

I am also seeing threads on making money with SFG popping up. I think this is phenomenal! Copy these people and what they are doing! Give yourself a back up gameplan. Your job is only as secure as your boss' mood this morning. I don't care who you are, if you answer to someone, your situation is more fragile than you think. What would you do? If you had a backup plan, you may not be happy, but you would be able to get back up from your fall a little easier. So, think about it. If you have a passion for SFG, and a lot of us here do, I will get the ball rolling for you. Here are just a few threads I have found to be incredibly helpful provided your head is in the right place.

An amazing and recent thread right here. Can you believe people are hiring garden coaches? Seriously? Which one of us SFGers can't slide right in here with some cheap marketing and figure this one out? Church bulletins and local "free" newspapers and even grocery store bulletin boards are good places to start. Get your name and phone number out there. If someone calls, have something already worked up to provide them in terms of yourself. If they say "no thanks," so what? You likely already have a job. You learn, adjust your schpeil, and do it again until you get to the next step.

Here is the thread on lightbulbs. When the lightbulb goes on, usually while you are sleeping or in the shower or otherwise nowhere near a pen, DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and get that pen. Yes, I've gotten out of the shower and walked across a cold house before to jot something down. It works if you just do it. An idea hit me in this thread.....selling compost. For those of you with access to leaves and greens, or with some acreage, this could work. I'm not saying you'll get that helicopter just that it can add another income stream to your house....and it wouldn't be that hard. But, million dollar ideas hit people just like this all the time. Relax your mind and maybe yours will hit. The question becomes: Will you actually pursue it?

Nothing against Ward. We all love his posts. But, if he can hold classes (once certified), why can't you? Afraid of public speaking? Gee, I bet he was, too. We are all in the SFG movement together. We are here to encourage you. Use the forum to air out your questions and/or fears. We'll help. I promise. I know the hearts of the people here, and I promise they will jump in and help. But, read his thread and start thinking of what you would charge. I can tell you my idea for the future.

I plan to get certified by the end of the year. I plan to have a class or two in the late winter of 2012. I don't plan to charge much for the class. But, I do plan to install the gardens for those older folks that can't themselves. Older people would love a lower maintanence garden. Hmmm, I know just the concept! Very Happy And, I know just the guy that can install it for you. I've priced my gardens as I've built them, and I know what I would like to make for my time. Simple. Go build yourself a 4x4 and do the same thing.....save your receipts and see what it cost you. Then, log the hours it took to build it. And, go from there. How much do you want to make for half a day's time? A whole day? It's not hard. It's just hard to get off your .... and start doing something you haven't done before.

Here is the link to the education portion of the Foundation. Read the front page. They are absolutely encouraging entrepenuership(sp? sorry). But, jump in there and start thinking about these things.

Making more money, doing something fun with your time, and or becoming more self-sufficient is the goal, right? I hear SFGers brag all the time about becoming self-sufficient. Well, do you believe what you say...really? If so, why not become self-sufficient with your income, too? Branching out on your own is good for the economy.

How, you ask? When I left my job to start my own business, I instantly created TWO jobs. One for myself, and one for someone who took the job I left. Every person I hire going forward creates a job for someone that otherwise may not have had one. That helps the economy. I deserve to make money from the decision I made. And, so do you!!

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Re: C'mon, people, get off your.....

Post  Uprooted on 5/26/2011, 10:03 am

Very inspirational post indeed, thank you! I will be reading all the links.


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Re: C'mon, people, get off your.....

Post  Kelejan on 5/26/2011, 11:28 am

Great post, BYBG. I've bookmarked this thread. Never know what I may come up with.

From now on I will keep all my receipts for materials and plants (they are somewhere around home right now) and make a note of the labour time I spend. It will be interesting to actually find out how much a compeltely prepared 4x4 doen properley.
I know that it costs nearly $400 per bed to purchase according to the thread I have been reading. Includes materials, plants, shipping etc.

If it is anything like painting a house, I would never be employed by anyone, even at $5 per hour, but then I am not a hosue painter.

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BYBG - WHOA!!! WOW!!! Awesome Post!

Post  vjam5555 on 5/26/2011, 1:00 pm

Confirmation, Encouragement, Grown ( & Growing) Folk's advice. Many thanks, BYBG. You hit the nail on the head, and I will put some of these lightbulbs to use...got a few of my own, too, heh heh heh!

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Re: C'mon, people, get off your.....

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