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Life is a Highway

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Life is a Highway

Post  Josh on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 15:17

Guess what I got!!!

My Drivers license!

Got my guitar...banjo...camera..and my SFG book...

Look out I may be coming to your town!

Certified SFG Instructor

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Age : 22
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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  pattipan on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 15:21

You do not look old enough to drive, Josh! But I guess that license says you are. Very Happy Just don't play the banjo and drive at the same time!


Female Posts : 807
Join date : 2010-03-04
Location : WV -- Zone 6a

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  boffer on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 15:46

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that your girl friend isn't in that picture! Wink

Male Posts : 7392
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Age : 64
Location : yelm, wa, usa

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  camprn on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 15:49


Forum Moderator Certified SFG Teacher

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Age : 54
Location : Keene, NH, USA ~ Zone 5a

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  genes on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 16:29

Congratulations! Safe travels, young man.

Posts : 180
Join date : 2011-01-26
Location : CA

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  stripesmom on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 16:36

Please drive to Knoxville, Iowa. I plan on starting a road side stand to sell produce out of next year. I can only offer free clapping to music played, home cooked meals and you can set and listen to old folks talk. I'm sure that is very interesting to a young man, lol.

Oh, btw, congrats! Be safe, wear a seat belt, glasses if you need them, and be considerate of others, no matter how inconsiderate they may be. There, you have had your talking to.

Posts : 291
Join date : 2011-03-28
Location : SE Iowa

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  quiltbea on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 16:46

Congratulations Josh. Now you've got wheels there's nothing to stop you.

By the way, put your headlights on in daylight. I don't know how many times after an accident the hitter says "But I never saw the other car." With headlights, they don't have that excuse because even if you are in the shadows, your car will be seen.

Good luck and be safe.

Female Posts : 4629
Join date : 2010-03-21
Age : 75
Location : Southwestern Maine Zone 5A

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 17:04

Yea we're comin......to your city. A bang bang chitty chitty bang bang bring it on!!

(Well, close to Big N Rich's song.)

Male Posts : 2727
Join date : 2010-12-25
Age : 43
Location : St. Louis, MO

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  FarmerValerie on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 17:13

@BackyardBirdGardner wrote:Yea we're comin......to your city. A bang bang chitty chitty bang bang bring it on!!

(Well, close to Big N Rich's song.)

Uh, actually that's Rascal Flats BBG!

Female Posts : 1611
Join date : 2011-01-29
Age : 50
Location : NE Texas, 75501, Zone 8a

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  nancy on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 17:59

Woo Hoo, Josh! Congrats! Be very safe in that pretty red car!

Val - BBG was referring to the college football intro by BNR. And now it's stuck in my head!

Female Posts : 595
Join date : 2010-03-16
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio (6a)

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Life is a Highway

Post  sherryeo on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 19:21

Well, Josh, if you're as good at driving as you are at gardening, you will do just fine! Congratulations on reaching one of the biggest milestones of growing up! Be safe!

Female Posts : 850
Join date : 2011-04-03
Age : 65
Location : Mississippi Gulf Coast Zone 8B

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  shannon1 on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 22:54

Congratulations! Now your free!!!!!!!! Be careful not everyone out there is paying attention. Believe it or not, I waited until I was 30 before I learned to drive.

Posts : 1697
Join date : 2011-03-31
Location : zone 9a St.Johns county FL

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  FamilyGardening on Thu 2 Jun 2011 - 22:57

Congratulations Josh!!


Female Posts : 2424
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Location : Western WA

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Re: Life is a Highway

Post  Furbalsmom on Fri 3 Jun 2011 - 2:30

Congratulations Josh. Don't want to preach, just be careful.

Female Posts : 3141
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Age : 70
Location : Coastal Oregon, Zone 9a, Heat Zone 2 :(

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Re: Life is a Highway

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