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My little guy ate his salad tonight!

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My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  jymarino on 6/2/2011, 11:32 pm

We had fresh, homegrown lettuce and spinach for our salad tonight. My dd wasn't too thrilled but she usually eats her veggies just fine. My ds however doesn't like veggies at all and will barely take a bite usually. Today he ate all of his salad, and asked for more! He also ate all of that too. Of course we do use salad dressing and croutons, but he usually just picks off the croutons and sucks the dressing off the leaves. I was very excited. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend for all of us.

Cool This smiley at the request of my lovely 9.5 yo dd.


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  Old Hippie on 6/2/2011, 11:40 pm

It makes a world of difference when they have helped to grow it. How awesome!!

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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  altagarden on 6/2/2011, 11:43 pm

That's great! My daughter didn't like carrots till she tried one fresh out of our garden.


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  SewingMom on 6/3/2011, 6:21 am

That's great! I'm having the same experience - my boys have helped plant and water our garden and so far we only have lettuce but they can't wait to bring it in wash it and eat it (literally can't wait, lol - many times they are outside crunching on it Very Happy ) I'm so glad, I hope it continues for the rest of the garden veggies!


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  dianamarie03 on 6/3/2011, 8:03 am

That is so awesome! My kids are excited too, every time we go play in the garden they make a stop at the cilantro pot to take a few leaves and munch on them, and they are eating salads too! Still not much luck getting them to eat radishes, but then I don't like them much either. We like to grow them because they are so fast and fun for the kids to see something growing, then we give them to the neighbor who loves them. Smile


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  FarmerValerie on 6/3/2011, 9:13 am

Let them head out with their salad bowl, pick their own, and when the peas start making, have them pick a few, if they won't eat the pods, let them open them and sprinkle a few on thier salads. Bring bowls in, rinse, dry, and eat. My daughter and I have done that several times, I love it.


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  H_TX on 6/3/2011, 11:47 am

My 10 year old daughter will eat her veggies but does not necessarily like them. If we let her chose her meals it would be cheese pizza, some sort of fried chicken, lots of salt and lots of sweets. She was staying the night with a friend when my 4 year old ate our first ripe tomato. I was very surprised when she got home and after noticing the tomato was gone she came inside looking for it and asked where it was. She helped me plant the garden and I guess the anticipation got to her. She wanted to eat part of that first tomato. Growing a garden and letting the kids help caused my daughter (we order cheese pizza with very little tomato sauce because she claims not to like the tomato sauce) to look forward to tasting our first tomato. I think when you grow your own garden kids no longer look at vegetables as vegetable any more but as something the family does together. Then if the veggies taste good it just makes it that much better.


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  AZDYJ2K on 6/3/2011, 3:45 pm

Similar situation here. I have 3 sons and my oldest does not like salads. However, when I told him the lettuce and tomatoes came from our garden he asked for some and ate it all. To tell you the truth the lettuce was a bit bitter so I was really surprised the boys ate all their salad.

It makes a big difference when it's home grown.


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Re: My little guy ate his salad tonight!

Post  Sponsored content Today at 8:38 pm

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